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We make the "right" shelter

September 29, 2022, 14:25 165 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Purchased the first twenty folding beds in the bomb shelter.

We make the


Every night the Russian occupiers shell our city and its environs, destroy houses and kill civilians. This barbarism infuriates us and makes us want to do even more to win!

A few weeks ago, we planned to equip a bomb shelter in the 65th school in our city. Now this educational institution is both a school and the headquarters of a temporary shelter for internally displaced people. During the air raid, teachers descend into the shelter of the school and conduct classes online. As well as immigrants who had just arrived in Zaporozhye from the occupied or front-line territory, stayed in the shelter for several days. Some of them have suffered so much during the war that they do not even imagine how it is possible not to be in the basement to the sound of explosions and sirens.

Today, the first twenty folding beds with mattresses were received and donated to the school, with a total cost of 1 200 $. We ordered directly from the manufacturer, thanks to which we saved money and supported the local business of Kharkov. And they did not pay a penny for the delivery of the cargo - Nova Poshta Humanitarian fully covered these costs.

We make the

Thanks to all friends and partners! Special thanks to Ukrainians in Vietnam for making this purchase possible.

The first step towards the "right" shelter has been made! Ahead is the purchase of chairs, heaters, blankets, beds and a dry closet.

Join us, let's do more together!

On October 24, on the dobro.ua platform, a project of our foundation was launched - "The Right Shelter for Zaporizhzhia". Therefore, you can support this initiative on the website of our partners.

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