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Matvii Kaminskyi

January 15, 2024, 19:30 80 Author: Loabok Yana deti.zp.ua A talented boy needs help.

Matvii Kaminskyi

Matvii Kaminskyi, born in 15.10.2005

Diagnosis: Down syndrome, seasonal hay fever.

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"I don't talk much. However, I can draw the entire world. The best gift for me is a notebook and pencils, as I can reproduce on paper everything I see around me. But I can't be like you.

I love having cereal with milk and riding my scooter. More than anything in the world, though, I love to draw, and I happen to be quite good at it! Felt-tip pens are like friends to me because, unfortunately, I don't have any other friends.

I also have a beautiful mother, a strong father, a cool brother, and a perfect cat! I drew them all a long time ago. I love them very much!"

Matvii Kaminskyi

If Matvii could talk, this is probably how he would describe himself. While some household skills may be beyond his reach, he possesses the unique ability to create something special. Matvii transfers his entire inner world to paper, giving birth to incredible pictures!

Matvii Kaminskyi

The boy has a special set of chromosomes called Down syndrome, and one of its manifestations is a very weak immune system. Unfortunately, the environmental conditions in Zaporizhzhia exacerbate the issue. Due to these challenges, Matvii suffered from allergic pollinosis for a long time. Fortunately, for the past three years, he has been undergoing therapy with the drug "Alxoid" and has almost forgotten about his allergies.

One package of this vital medication costs about 12,000 hryvnias (315 US dollars) and is administered once every three months. Before the full-scale war, Matvii's family managed to buy it on their own, but now they need help. We are striving to raise funds for four doses of the drug to ensure Matvii's allergy-free life by the end of the year. Please support this talented young boy!

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