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We are 12 years old!

May 16, 2019, 12:30 1418 Author: Leonid Lobanok deti.zp.ua To help you know us better, we share 12 interesting facts about our lives.

Dear friends! On May 16, we celebrate our anniversary of 12 years!

There are some interesting facts about us below. We are sure they should help you know us better.

– The mood for our office is managed by “DJ” Moroz. Natalia Moroz, our project manager and author of publications, builds a playlist to make a comfortable place for everyone to work.

– During our fund’s activities, employees, volunteers, and wards have conquered peaks as high as Mount Hoverla (6760’), crossed Ukraine by bicycle, and lived on a unsettled island.

– In order to improve skills and diversify development, English lessons are held twice a week in our office.

– We sort garbage for recycling, to helping our planet remain clean and beautiful. As a reward for waste paper, we were able to organize a picnic for employees.

– Because a chief should standout, our chief accountant dresses brighter and more ostentatiously than anyone else in the fund.

– We once participated in a fundraiser marathon to conclude with a race in Kyiv. We trained so hard that one of the employees broke his leg. As a result, no one got to Kyiv for the marathon, but we the fundraiser for our wards was a success.

– On the eve of our anniversary, Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov rededicated their book The Twelve Chairs to our foundation because we have in the team now 12 employees. Coincidence? (Actually, it’s a bit of humor.)

– Our combined count of higher education diplomas is 13, an average of 1.08 per employee.

– Our employees travel a combined 77 kilometers to get to work. If someone is lucky to live nearby, then someone else is lucky to live in an area with cleaner air.

– At different times in our office, in addition to employees, lived and worked: a parrot, some fish, dogs, a turtle, newts, and even an agama lizard.

– Over the years of work, we have been a laureate 8 times at various national and regional contests and ratings.

– On Fridays we have the day of the Ukrainian language. Conversations in Russian are assessed voluntary fines. Call us on a Friday to check our compliance.

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