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Personal page of orphan - Anton M.

June 27, 2007, 0:17 7190 Author: Albert Pavlov www.deti.zp.ua Anton is 18 years old now

Anton was born in 1996. Now he lives in the orphanage of Zaporozhye.

Anton is a very sensitive child both to offense and to praise. Anton is being in the orphanage #3 for about a year already, but he doesn’t like living there very much. He is in good fellowship with his classmates, but the older children sometimes offense him.

The boy likes to draw, plait, knit and make different figures from paper. Anton has good imagination, he likes beauty in life. Anton likes physical training and maths, his favorite food is pizza, soda and pepsi (the drink similar to coke – translator’s remark), the movie that he remembered best of all is “The Superman”. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a racing car driver.

In summer 2006 Anton spent 10 days in a good family in the USA. When hearing the word “The family” the boy feels sorrow and alongside with that hope. He is sad, because for some reasons he has no relative family, and another family that he was living with, refused to host him. And even now on the weekends some children are taken on a visit by relatives or just kind people, and Anton is still in the orphanage. But there still is hope – the boy is only 11 y.o. and the new family can be found, as well as the new friends. The main in this life is never despond, go on studying and developing the talents. That’s what we wish to Anton Matvienko.

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