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Let's help children see the Carpathians and visit Hoverla!

July 7, 2021, 17:35 399 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua Our tourist "Tangle" invites your children to take part in the hike and help pay for the participation of children from the poorest families.

Let's help children see the Carpathians

Friends, tourist project "Tangle" of the fund "Happy child" invites children 10-18 years old to an exciting hike to the Carpathians with climbing Hoverla, visiting lakes Nsamovitogo and Brebeneskul, picturesque Spitsy mountain and its surroundings. Children will spend at least 5 days in the mountains, the whole trip together with the passage will take 7-8 days.

We tried to make the trip as accessible as possible, children will be able to take part in it at cost 50-80% cheaper than in commercial companies.

The approximate start date of the trip will be clarified later - between August 1-12, depending on the availability of train tickets.

Campaign Participation Fee:

1600 UAH (this includes everything except travel - meals for 7 days, equipment, guide, etc.)

Travel from Zaporozhye to Hoverla and back will cost an additional 1200 to 2000 UAH. depending on the availability of tickets, group requests, etc. Travel for children under 14 years old is 300 UAH cheaper.

Parents' participation in the hike is negotiated separately.

The expected number of participants in a group is 20-25 children, at least 3 adults.

Pre-registration is open now, write, call +380 93 266 34 21!

We really hope that we can find finances and take a few children from the poorest families in our area. To do this, we recommend that each participant, if possible, make a contribution in the amount of 500 UAH or more. and help children of preferential categories to visit the Carpathians who have never traveled outside the region.

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