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April 3, 2022, 7:15 620 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua During the war, everyone does everything possible on their front. Our front is families.

We continue to look for, acquire

Dear friends!

We continue to look for, acquire, and distribute essentials to those who are on the edge of survival. We share with you some stories and photos.

We sent financial assistance from us in the total amount of about 10 thousand hryvnias ($340 USD) to three families: Anton in Volnovakha, Maksim in occupied Mykhailivka, and Sasha in occupied Berdyansk. Their children have congenital malformations, and are long-time acquaintances. In peacetime, we rejoiced in their achievements. Now we worry that these boys will have something to eat.

The Taranov family in Molochansk has eight children

The Taranov family in Molochansk has eight children. All have become ill one after another. This is no surprise because for some time their house has been barely heated due to lack of funds. Children do not like colds. For five-year-old Carolina, this is a particularly great danger; she was born with a heart defect. If it weren't the war, she would have been preparing for surgery. So that they wait in warmth for victory, we transferred 4000 hryvnias ($135 USD) to the family for food and firewood.

We supported a large family in Komyshuvakha, providing baby food for the youngest daughter, Veronica. We gave diapers, baby food, and clothes to three more families in Zaporizka province.

Friends, we are infinitely grateful to you for your support and trust! Hug your family and take care of yourself!

Let's achieve victory together! Glory to Ukraine!

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