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Residents of the occupied villages urgently need help!

April 16, 2022, 6:55 191 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua Every day we need from 20 to 40 thousand hryvnias for the purchase of medicines and food in the villages of the Vasilyevsky district.

Today, thanks to your donations and thanks to the help with delivery from the Kucheruk family, it was possible to transfer humanitarian aid to dozens of people from the occupied villages of the Razdolsky community.

People in the villages of Vasilyevsky district, Lyubimovka, Dneprovka, Ukrainka, Barvinovka, Sadovoe, have been under occupation for more than a month, most pensioners do not receive pensions, medicines are not supplied, food prices are exorbitant, and many goods are in short supply.

The daily costs of the "Happy Child" fund for the purchase of medicines and food, as well as for the transfer of material assistance to the occupied villages, range from 20 to 40 thousand hryvnias. in a day.

I appeal to everyone who can help - to make their own contribution and support people in this catastrophic situation.

It's easy to help on PayPal albert@deti.zp.ua or on the fund's accounts:

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