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The story of little Misha

May 19, 2022, 19:55 362 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua It is almost impossible for seriously ill children to survive in the occupied cities.

The story of little Misha

Misha was born with a congenital intestinal defect - Hirschsprung's disease. In the first week of life, the boy had the affected area removed and a colostomy removed. Through it, defecation is now taking place. After a while, another operation will be required.

Two weeks ago, Misha's family managed to leave Melitopol. It was dangerous to stay in the occupied city, because the boy needs special food and care.

Now Misha and his three other brothers and sisters live in a relatively safe place - a kindergarten in Zaporozhye. We donated colostomy bags, consumables, baby food and a certificate for the purchase of food for the boy. This will support the family until we find a clinic abroad for the second stage of the operation.

This is just one example of how war endangers the lives of seriously ill children. Not even because of cruise missiles, but because of the lack of special food, consumables and medicines.

Now we simply do not have time to open the address check, as we did before. Usually help is needed urgently, and we are ready to provide it if there is money for the check.

Unite, friends, together we will definitely do more!

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