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Milana Braicara

December 2, 2022, 12:20 127 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua The operation is done! Thank you for your help!

Milana Braicara

Milana Braicara, 03.01.2008 birthday

Diagnosis: follicular cysts of the lower jaw, hyperplastic sinusitis. Diabetes.

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ВATTENTION! AS OF 01/03/2023: Fundraising closed! The operation is done! Thank you for your help!

"Tears come to my eyes when I see my child's punctured fingers and scars on his stomach from insulin injections," Milana Brytsary's mother writes to us. "My girl had to become an adult and independent very early."

Milana grew up as a healthy and athletic girl. Since childhood, she draws well, knows how to subtly convey objects in motion. At the age of eleven, Milana began boxing. And at thirteen, after severe bronchitis, which ended in resuscitation, they discovered an insulin-dependent diabetes.

Milana had to get used to a new life: give up her usual diet, control blood sugar, calculate and inject a dose of insulin. She had to leave her favorite sport.

Milana recently had a swollen cheek. A CT scan revealed numerous cysts, two of which were up to 7 cm in size. They had grown into the jaw and provoked its destruction. The girl urgently needs a complex operation to remove cysts, wisdom teeth and replace the bones of the lower jaw.

The operation was planned in two stages, but diabetes complicates everything, in which wounds heal slowly and difficultly. Therefore, doctors decided to do a huge amount of work in one approach.

We have about two weeks to collect 1 800 $. Friends, we turn to you for help! Only together we can help Milana recover!

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