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They hid at home and in the basement: in the Kherson region, more than 50 orphans were saved from deportation to russia

January 6, 2023, 21:35 263 Author: Sofia Kovnir 24tv.ua The invaders forcibly take Ukrainian children to russia. More than 50 kids managed to be saved from deportation in Kherson region.

They hid at home and in the basement

The russian invaders came for the children along with the FSB officers. However, the children were hidden by employees of the center for social and psychological rehabilitation and residents of the village of Stepanovka.

How children in the Kherson region were saved from deportation to russia

Director of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Vladimir Sagaydak said that the occupiers planned to take orphans by force and take them to russia. There were 52 children in the center and the staff decided to hide them.

So, one of the employees of the center took three children to her home, and told people that they were her nephews.

Those who understood that we have children whom we hide - even tried to help us. They helped with milk, gave it for free, someone brought potatoes, someone played with our children. The most difficult thing is that they were worried that they really, as they have already said, would come. So that they simply don't come to the house, said the woman who took the children to her.

They hid at home and in the basement

Rescued orphans in the Kherson region / Video screenshot

As a result, 15 children remained in the center, who lived there in the basement and ate what was cooked on the fire. Thus, the director of the center Volodymyr and caring local residents saved 52 children from deportation.

By the way, russian occupiers forcibly took 3, 4, and 5-year-old children from a boarding school in Kherson. It is currently unknown where they are now.

The russians want to take 2,000 children from the occupied territories to moscow

Recently, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that the occupiers want to take another one and a half to two thousand Ukrainian children from the temporarily occupied territories to moscow.

According to the mayor, the aggressors are trying to take the children to Moscow, allegedly for a "New Year's tree". However, you cannot trust the russians. Yes, the occupiers often mercilessly kidnap minors and hand them over for "adoption" to russian families.

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