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Artem Fedko

March 13, 2023, 22:20 345 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Fundraising has stopped! Funds for rehabilitation have been collected and have already been transferred to the rehabilitation center. Thank you very much for your help Artem!

Artem Fedko

Artem Fedko, 03/14/2021 year of birth

Diagnosis: cerebral palsy.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 09/15/2023: Funds for rehabilitation have been collected and already transferred to the rehabilitation center. Thank you very much for your help Artem!

Nastya and her husband always dreamed of children, but, as they themselves joked, the children were in no hurry to visit them. Therefore, it was decided to artificial insemination. After four attempts, they finally heard about the long-awaited pregnancy, and with twins. Joy knew no bounds! The pregnancy was difficult, Anastasia was under observation in the hospital almost all the time. On March 14, 2021, at the 25th week of pregnancy, the long-awaited boys appeared: Artem weighing 900 grams and Zakhar weighing 700 grams. Unfortunately, on March 16, Zakharchik became an angel. And Artemka continued his struggle for life, which continues to this day.

Artem has been badly digesting food since birth. He has a vomiting syndrome, the cause of which has not yet been established. In Ukraine, they have already passed a lot of tests, but to no avail. Thus, the hospital geneticists Ohmatdyt recommend DNA testing abroad, costing $ 676. It is hoped that there will finally be a reason for such a special behavior of the organism. In the meantime, Artem hardly eats on his own, and the body does not receive nutrients, in the fall of 2022, a decision was made to install a gastrostomy. Now the child is fed through a tube into the tummy with special high-calorie liquid mixtures, because without them he does not gain weight.

Theme spends most of his life in the hospital. A year later, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He does not know how to sit, walk and stand, does not talk. But he is very smart and understands everything. Doctors' forecasts are optimistic, but constant work with rehabilitation specialists is needed.

Also, the replacement of the gastrostomy tube for nutrition is periodically required at the cost of $ 324. Currently, doctors recommend replacing the “long” tube in the abdomen with a more practical “button”. Artemka grows up and with interest constantly reaches for the tube in her stomach, thereby damaging the tissues at the site of the operation.

Artemka's family believes that the long-awaited son will walk, talk, walk with children, and after the victory they dream of a trip to the sea.

Artem Fedko

Artem Fedko

We will be grateful to everyone for their help in treating and improving the lives of our kids!

The cost of one rehabilitation course is $ 500.

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