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Helping Kherson Children's Hospital

March 15, 2023, 22:25 176 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Despite all the difficulties, the hospital continues to work and provide assistance to the children of the city and the region.

Helping Kherson Children's Hospital

During the war, we started helping the Kherson Regional Children's Hospital. When Kherson was occupied by russia, we secretly donated medicines and supplies with volunteers twice. Then it was impossible even to write about it, so as not to endanger doctors. After the liberation, the city was under constant shelling, part of the premises and equipment of the hospital were damaged. Due to the russian attack on Ukraine's energy system in December and February, we bought about one and a half tons of fuel for generators to keep the hospital running.

Helping Kherson Children's Hospital

Despite all the problems, the hospital continues to work and provide assistance to the children of the city and the region. At the end of February, at the request of the hospital, we purchased one-time ENT examination kits. And already in early March, a group of doctors left for the de-occupied villages to examine little patients. It was there that the 200 sets we purchased were needed.

In total, we sent $ 2 446 of your donations to help the Kherson Children's Hospital. Thanks friends! Together we help people survive. Together we bring victory closer!

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