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Step by step to a comfortable future

July 8, 2023, 9:25 112 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua We continue to work for the sake of a safe and comfortable stay of children and adults in Zaporizhzhia.

Step by step to a comfortable future

At the beginning of September 2022, we started a project, the goal of which was to help equip a bomb shelter in the 65th school of our city. This educational institution continues to work as the headquarters of a temporary shelter for internally displaced persons, which is located in a nearby kindergarten. During the air alarm, teachers hid in the shelter of the school and conducted online classes. As well as displaced persons who periodically arrive in Zaporozhzhia from the occupied or front-line territory and temporarily stay in the shelter for a couple of days.

Despite the horrors of the war, students continued to study remotely, and graduates received diplomas. So, life has not stopped and even has its own plans for the future. And in the plans of the institution - from September to go into a mixed learning mode and continue the work of regular groups.

However, there was a problem with centralized hot water supply in the preschool unit. He simply won't be there anymore. And the facility has a swimming pool. Showers also need boilers. The previous equipment, which provided six groups of the preschool unit with hot water, failed and cannot be repaired. So, to ensure comfortable conditions, the management once again turned to "Happy Child" with a request to purchase 6 water heaters.

Thanks to the systematic support that the foundation receives from our regular donors, this issue was resolved almost immediately! The necessary equipment has already been purchased and delivered to the school. The fund spent almost $ 1064 on the purchase of boilers.

And then there remains an equally important problem with arranging a shelter. In order to continue classes in the event of an air alarm, there are no student desks in the vault. We need 200 single desks, worth about $ 40. And to close this issue in a month, by August, we need $ 8186.

This is not an easy task, but once again we hope for your support!

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Vitaly Yurchenko
Vitaly Yurchenko

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