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We help children's hospitals

August 15, 2023, 22:35 155 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Help was provided to three hospitals in the amount of about $ 541.

We help children's hospitals

At the end of June, assistance was provided to the hematology department of the Regional Children's Hospital. With the arrival of summer and the heat, insects became more active, preventing small patients from sleeping peacefully. We responded to the department head's request for help and purchased mosquito nets for the windows of several wards.

We help children's hospitals

In July, filters and cartridges for the purification of cold water were purchased for Zaporizhzhia Phthisiopulmonology Center. This equipment was needed for the bacteriological laboratory to conduct research. And 40 filters for infusion systems were sent to the Kherson Regional Children's Hospital.

In total, about $ 541 were spent. Thank you for your trust and donation!

We continue to work! Let's do good things together!

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