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Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, Zaporozhye orphanages' website Published: 2006-02-01 Viewed, times: 9469
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We popularize to Ukrainian people the thought that orphans must live in family, not in orphanages. There are several forms of family care for Ukrainian - adoption, tutorship, foster care, hosting on weekend, children's village. There are only adoption and hosting available for foreigners. We collect a great amount of articles and books on this subject (on Russian and English). We try discuss international adoption on our website.

We are not an adoption agency and can't help foreigners to adopt child from Ukraine. To be a middleman in adoption process is forbidden by Ukrainian law. So if you are interested in adoption of specific child, you must call or write to the department of adoption in Kiev (SDAPRC)

Regarding intenational adoption, please contact Minisrty of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine.
Adress: Ukraine, 01025, Kyiv, Desyatynna st, 14. Phone: +38 (044) 278-40-45.

Americans can also look to the http://kiev.usembassy.gov webiste for the current situation on intercountry adoption from Ukraine. You can also read articles about adoption from Ukraine

If you live in USA or Canada and would like to host an older child, we advise you to contact Frontier Horizon or any other organization that hosts orphans during the holidays. Frontier Horizon is a humanitarian aid organization that uses the hosting program to develop awareness of the childrenТs needs. They do not facilitate adoptions; however hosting a child is an initial step families can take to help determine if they are well-prepared for the adoption experience.

We are planning to establish and maintain a new section in regional and central newspapers and over the Internet, called "Where are you, parents?" to increase the chances of teenage and special-needs orphans to be adopted in Ukraine. This project would involve a significant amount of time and effort to establish relations with government structures and newspapers, to publish and continually update information on the children and their new families. We already know that a similar project was very successful in Russia and helped many Russian orphans find new families.

Ukrainians who host orphans for weekends and holidays, have no support from government. These kind people buy food and often clothes for hosted children from their own salary. Many of such people need support to host children.
We provide them with minimal help - $2 per day for each hosted orphan, but it's not enough. The real sum to keep child in Ukraine is about $4 per day. So any your donations for this purpose will be greatly appreciated. If you want to donate, please, click here.

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