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Sazanovich Mikhail, less than 1 y.o. The defect of the urinary system

Fundraising is closed! We have good news! We raise funds for the operation closed! Mama Anastasia, together with her team, made incredible efforts and everything worked out!

Author: Olga Vovk, www.deti.zp.ua
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Sazanovich Mikhail, was born on 13.03.2017

Diagnosis: The defect of the urinary system.

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ATTENTION! AS AT 07.12.2018 .Fundraising closed!
Dear our assistant wizards! We have good news! We raise funds for the operation closed! Mama Anastasia, together with her team, made incredible efforts and everything worked out! We express our gratitude to all not indifferent people. We will keep you up to date with all the news that will happen with Mishka! thank

Hello, my name is Anastasia. I want to tell you my story and ask for help.

My family's life changed in July, 2014 when we had to leave my hometown Horlovka (Donetsk district) because of hostilities there. We were leaving with a year old child into obscurity and our memories are all we had kept from our past life. However, we didn't allow ourselves to give up, so my husband found a job and we rented an apartment. Bit by bit everything has started to be alright, our life became calm.

We have always dreamt about a big and happy family so I decided to have a second child. On the 13th of March 2017 Mikhail. was born. However, that day hasn't become the happiest day in our lives. Mikhail was born with the birth defect of the urinary system - the bladder exstrophy and the total epispadias. It's the one of the most rare and complex pathologies that one can imagine. Child's bladder is not at its place in the abdominal cavity, but right on abdomen. Urine is flowing from the ureters without stopping. Looking after the bladder needs sterility because ureters are placed right on it and the risk of kidney infection always exists. My son has to live through several surgery operations. The situation is being complicated because of the diastasis of pelvic bones and inguinal hernias.

That was a shock for me, for my husband and for the medical stuff as well. I had been seeing Mikhail just for two minutes and then he was placed into intensive care unit of the hospital. He has a course of antibiotic therapy there. Also they performed a full survey to find some possible associated pathologies. Fortunately, there weren't anything else and it made us really happy. Further Mikhail was transferred to the department of the pathologies of premature infants to complete the course of treatment. We found out that not every surgeon can do the necessary operation and we wouldn't find any more help in Zaporozhye.

We went to Kyiv in the hospital named Ohmatdyt seeking an advie from the experienced specialists. That day there was a big religious holiday, the Holy Forty, and I was praying to God during the whole way to help me make the right decision, to help my child. In Ohmatdyt we were offered to do the surgery operation to close the bladder. This closing includes forming a bladder from the part of intestines and leading ureters into the rectum so the urine flows from it. It was a shock again.

We didn't have any other options at that time, but we refused because the child could have become disabled forever. We didn't stop and continued looking for the ways to solve the problem. So then we went to the hospital Oberig to get an advice from the doctor Henadiy Ustenko. He examined Mikhail and recommended to wait until he is 1 year old. Also Henadiy told me about the Serbian doctor Radosh Dzhinovich and his achievements.

Doctor Dzhinovich is the best urogenital surgeon in Europe. He cures this pathology in only 2 surgery operations while Ukrainian surgeons need 30 of them. Also they break pelvic bones to place them in the right way. Every surgery lasts from 4 to 12 hours. The saddest thing is that there haven't been any successful cases of such an operation.

When we returned home we found out about the blog about exstrophy and spoke to mothers of the children with pathologies similar to Mikhail's. I won't describe all the horror which children and their parents had lived through starting from buttons on the abdomen finishing with wire. Parents saw their children's organs. So we decided to ask Radosh Dzhinovich to help our child.

We received the answer from the hospital "BelMedick" in Belgrade. The surgery is scheduled on March 21, 2018. Our joy was infinite! My child has got a chance to live normal life and to be just like the others! However, the cost of the first surgery is 14,000 (about $17,000). It's a huge amount of money for our family. I want to ask all non-indifferent people and I have a great hope in my heart to raise funds for my son's surgery. Mikhail's future depends on it. I beg you for help!

The family lives in Zaporozhye city.

Contact phone number of Anastasia +38 (050) 737 22 09 (mother)

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