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Ilya and Veronica Shamray, born in 2011 - Cerebral palsy. Spastic tetraparesis

Fundraising is closed! Ilya and Veronika left for Kozyavkin's clinic to undergo a rehabilitation course. Thank you!

Author: Natalia Moroz, 
Published: 2021-04-18 19-55-00   Viewed, times: 1708

Ilya and Veronica Shamray
Ilya and Veronica Shamray, born in 09.06.2011

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy. Spastic tetraparesis

ATTENTION! AS OF 30.06.2021: Fundraising is closed!
Ilya and Veronika left for Kozyavkin's clinic to undergo a rehabilitation course. Thank you!
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Ilya and Veronica Shamray

Today the twins are almost 10 years old. They are in third grade. Both already know how to read, and Veronica can also write. Ilya hasn't learned yet because of the tone of his hands, but he is trying very hard to catch up with his little sister! And then, almost 10 years ago, no one thought how much work a large family had to do so that today their youngest could dream of something!

Ilya and Veronica were born at 28 weeks of pregnancy. The birth was swift and urgent. They saved both mom and children! The children were born with low weight, and Ilya himself could not breathe - he was under a ventilator. By one year from birth, the children were diagnosed, one for two, - cerebral palsy. We started working at home: constant massages and dynamic gymnastics. Since 2013, trips to rehabilitation centers in Ukraine began. More than 15 courses were held in the Chernihiv center "Vidrodzhennya". We were in Kiev three times, at the Center for Brain Stimulation. But the best results could be seen after classes at the Kozyavkin International Clinic in Truskavets. More than 20 courses have already been completed there!

Ilya and Veronica Shamray

Holding your head, closing your mouth and swallowing saliva, keeping your back and standing on all fours are basic things for an average healthy child. For some, this is a trifle, an indisputable fact. But for Natalia Shamrai, the mother of twins and three more older boys, this is a common family victory! Their babies are special! They jump like a toad! They stand at the support and sit on their own if they are planted.

Purposeful Veronichka trains every day, does push-ups and squats by the stairs. She has learned to paint beautifully and wants to be an artist. In general, like many girls, she has a lot of plans for the future! Ilya's legs and back got stronger. And if earlier he was lying more, now he can sit or stand in the verticalizer all day.

Ilya and Veronica Shamray

This is all the result of children's efforts and rehabilitation. Kids do everything that depends on them! But there are things that only adults can do - pay for the work of rehabilitation therapists who help to become independent.

In June 2021, rehabilitation courses for children will begin at the Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic in Truskavets, at a cost of 1 470 dollars.

Support our dreamers Ilya and Veronichka!

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