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Pauline Braytsara, born in 2011 - Cerebral palsy

Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child!In December 2021, Polina Brytsara passed away. Unfortunately, the child's body was unable to cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 infection.

Author: Natalia Moroz, 
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Pauline Braytsara
Pauline Braytsara, born in 20.12.2011

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, atonic-astatic form.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 12.2021 Fundraising is closed due to the death of a child!
In December 2021, Polina Brytsara passed away. Unfortunately, the child's body was unable to cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 infection.

In 2011, just before the New Year, a very long-awaited daughter, Polina, appeared in the Brytsar family. The doctors did not immediately notice that something was wrong. Already at discharge, it was discovered that the child had not gained weight. Before getting home, Polya spent a month in the pathology department. The girl lagged behind her peers a little: later she began to hold her head, did not sit for a long time, did not crawl. At 7 months, the doctors said that the development of an atonic form of cerebral palsy is possible. And at 1 year, this diagnosis was confidently confirmed.

Pauline Braytsara

Polinka's mother, Natalya, recalls: At first, we did not know what to do and were just looking for clinics that deal with such children. The first serious rehabilitation of Poli took place in Truskavets, in the Kozyavkin clinic. Two more passed there. After the first course, Polya began to crawl, got down on all fours. At 2 years old, due to weak muscles, scoliosis appeared. I had to put on a corset and continue physical training, because the treatment strengthens all muscles.

Gradually, thanks to rehabilitation courses, Polya learned to overcome small obstacles on the road herself, to climb the curb without assistance. There are also achievements in the development of intelligence: she began to talk about herself, write stories, play with dolls. Complex sentences appeared in speech, she began to carefully circle the letters in the notebook. And looking at the children playing, the girl still dreams of running and jumping as easily as time goes by. And it looks like she can do it! Today she is already a schoolgirl! And, despite the quarantine, he studies at home and, moreover, with such pleasure!

Pauline Braytsara

Natalia boasts of her successes: We have learned the count to a hundred in English. And while walking, we look at the passing minibuses and call their numbers. Trees, grass, flowers, dogs and cats - there is so much to say in English! Paulie is great at memorizing everything! "

Polina has severe deformation of her feet and it is impossible to wear ordinary shoes, she needs a specially made orthopedic one. Thanks to the support of caring people, the foundation has helped the family more than once in purchasing special shoes for Paulie. This is extremely important for children like Polya. Due to unsteady walking, they often develop corns and calluses. And in order to improve her movements, Polina still needs physical activity under the guidance of specialists. Therefore, trips to rehabilitation centers are always a priority for the family.
The nearest rehabilitation course at the Kozyavkin International Center starts on June 14, 2021. To help the family and pay for the entire course, today the fund lacks a little more than 180 dollars. We are confident that with your help, this amount will be collected before the start of rehabilitation.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

For more information, you can also contact the staff Of the Happy Child Foundation

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