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Report of the Happy Child Foundation for 2022

May 25, 2023, 12:00 206 Author: deti.zp.ua www.deti.zp.ua With your support in 2022, we helped children and adults to the amount of almost 1 million dollars

Since the beginning of the russian invasion on February 24, 2022, the task of employees has been to quickly respond to requests and completely change the format of work.

Fortunately, donations from various countries from our long-time partners and friends began to arrive very quickly. The organization Maya's Hope from New York provided us with the greatest help.

We began to collect applications from residents of the occupied communities of the Zaporizhzhia region, and to transfer medicines and products with the help of volunteers across the front line. Also, refugees from war zones, Mariupol, Kherson, and Energodar arrived in Zaporizhzhia. We supported the families both directly (a large line of people gathered near the fund's office every day) and helped centers for IDPs (refugees).

Thousands of families from the most affected regions of Ukraine contacted us through online forms.

From April 2022, active assistance began with the evacuation of families both from the occupied territory and from the frontline regions of Ukraine. in general, during the year we helped evacuate 3,373 people to Europe and Ukraine, and also individually paid for the evacuation of another 120 families.

3396 families received help with food certificates.

1,532 families in the front-line and occupied territories received assistance for the repair of houses damaged by shelling, the purchase of clothes, medicines, and food.

198 children received help for treatment.

9 hospitals received equipment and medicines worth about $ 40 675

In total, the fund's expenses for 2022 amounted about $1 million dollars.

We sincerely thank everyone who helped Ukrainians in the most difficult year in its recent history!

Direction of activityAmount, $:Result:
Targeted assistance to families

Assistance was provided to families on the frontline and occupied territories, IDPs and families with children with disabilities. The aid is aimed at repairing houses damaged by shelling, purchasing clothes, medicines, and food products.

269 590

1532 families

Certificates for purchasing products in a supermarket

Certificates for the purchase of food were provided to needy families. We supported families in Zaporizhzhia and partially in other large cities.

113 025

3396 families

Assistance to the population

Provided food, hygiene products, clothing, medicines in Zaporizhzhia and nearby villages, handed over to volunteers for further distribution in front-line and occupied settlements, provided to refugee accommodation centers.

84 102

Evacuation by buses to European countries

With the beginning of massive shelling of residential buildings, the evacuation of the civilian population by direct buses from Zaporizhzhia to Poland was organized. Later, the route was shortened, starting from Lviv.

82 652

3373 passengers, 76 buses
Treatment of children

Targeted assistance was provided in the form of medication, special food, payment for treatment, rehabilitation or examination.

80 380

198 children
Cooperation with other funds and shelters

We provided food, equipment, and furniture to other foundations and shelters for accommodation, first aid, and feeding of IDPs.

43 745

13 funds and shelters

Aid to hospitals

They provided food, medicine, equipment, and furniture.

40 413

9 hospitals
Evacuation of families on an individual basis

We compensated the cost of traveling families from the occupied territory to the controlled Ukraine, as well as evacuation to European countries in cases when our direct buses were unavailable.

33 505

120 families
Treatment of adults

Targeted assistance was provided in the form of medication, payment for treatment and examination.

11 105

27 people
Car for evacuation

We purchased 1 car, received another 1 car from partners. It was repaired and handed over to volunteers who constantly deliver humanitarian aid and evacuate civilians from front-line settlements."

8 817

2 cars
Tablets for students

Children were provided with tablets for online learning at school. Children from families that were evacuated or live in the most affected areas.

5 327

19 families
Children's ecovillage

Before the occupation, houses were built and improved for foster families in rural areas. During the occupation, we supported families for a while while they waited for evacuation.

2 933

4 houses

Assistance to local communities evacuated to Zaporizhzhia

Gifts were handed over to the children, and a battery station was purchased for uninterrupted operation in conditions of unstable power supply.


2 communities
Klubok is a tourist program

They organized a trip to Kyiv for children from large and low-income families.


14 children
Orphan questionnaires

Prior to the massive russian invasion, orphans' questionnaires continued to be created for placement in a family.


2 boarding houses
Administrative expenses

Salary, office rent, communication, transport, cargo delivery, etc

86 196

Total expenses:

862 773

Full financial report

Special thanks

Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine, since 2004

They need help:

You donated in 2024

$ 81 064

Our expenses in 2024
To 56 sick children $26 572
Medical equipment: $1 460
Humanitarian help: $21 618
To disabled children: $38 709
To children's village: $1 034
To orphans and poor children: $3 141
"Helpus" - help to adults: $14 395
Service expenses: $13 047
Total sum of expenses: $121 998

$6 849 575

donated since 2007