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Burn Unit of Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic

January 27, 2011, 10:00 5531 Author: Inna Grigor'eva, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua Burn Unit of Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic is the only specialized unit in the region the doctors of which provide qualified aid to adults and children with various body burns

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Needs of the Unit


How can charitable aid be provided to the Unit?

Head of the Unit – Doctor of Higher Category, regional burns surgeon, Petr Timoshev

Doctors of the Burn Unit of Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic provide high-quality specialized aid to adults and children with various body burns. The Unit helps people who suffered from household burns (boiling water, defective fireplaces), burns as a result of gross negligence or carelessness (sunburns, ignoring fire safety regulations, playing with home-made pyrotechnic products, etc.), on-the-job accidents as well as injuries as a result of criminal acts.

The Unit has 60 beds. As this Burn Unit is the only specialized unit in the region, it provides treatment to both adults and children from the whole Zaporozhye region. In the last six months 424 patients received treatment in the Unit, 146 of them are children, including 72 from outside of the regional center of Zaporozhye region.

The Unit is rightfully proud of its specialists, who literally brought to life many “fire victims”. Employees of the Unit are highly qualified healthcare professionals who love their job and work as one team.

To treat patients with deep burns with high share of body burnt, a special air-fluidized Clinitron bed produced in France is used. Its mattress is filled in with powder, allowing flow of air with a pre-set temperature. The patient is such a bed is lying like in zero gravity not to feel his open wounds.

Clinitron bed (altogether there are 3 such wonder beds in the Unit)

Beds for the smallest patients of the Unit

The Unit is clean, cozy, and full of light, it is a pleasure both for the staff to work in and for the patients to recover.

A nice place for meals

Colorful fish help diverting patients’ attention off their pain


The Unit used to receive support from the state for treatment of patients from various districts, enterprises of our city also helped, but currently all financing has been cut off, and only pitiful sums are allocated from the budget for patient’s meals and medications. Thanks to the high proficiency of the medical staff working in the Burn Unit, the process of patients’ treatment goes smoothly. At the same time the Unit lacks specialized equipment required to treat patients with deep burns:

1. Electric dermatomes DED-55 and DED-75 for skin harvesting;

2. Perforator for skin stretching (to close the wounded area);

3. Mobile 80 UV compartment to store sterile tools;

Besides, the Unit is in constant need of:

4. Syringes, dressing, bandage, dropping tubes;

5. Bedclothes.

State funding is not sufficient to cover all of the above-mentioned needs. The only hope is for general public, donors, and charities.


Before providing any aid to the Burn Unit, we recommend you to first contact the Head of the Unit and staff of the Happy Child Foundation.

You can transfer you donations using the following banking details:

Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic (Zaporozhskaya gorodskaya klinicheskaya bolnitsa ekstrennoy i skoroy meditsinskoy pomoshi)

OKPO 054 986 77

Bank Department of the Treasury in Zaporozhye region (UGK Zaporozhskoy oblasti)

MFO 813015

Account 3542 600 400 1613

With a notice (mandatory): "for Burn Unit" (dlya ozhegovogo tsentra)

or to the account of Happy Child Foundation, or purchase the necessary equipment yourself and bring it to the Burn Unit of Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic.


80 Pobedy Str., Zaporozhye 69000, Ukraine

Zaporozhye City Emergency and Urgent Care Clinic, Burn Unit, new building, 5th floor

Telephone: +3 8 0612 33 03 70, +3 8 0612 34 76 06

Head of the Unit – Petr Timoshev

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