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I believe and want

January 31, 2011, 12:30 2887 Author: Natalia Snegurova and Elena Chuhrii, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua I believe and I Want to help, and if I Want, it means that I Can!

I really want learn to read and write,

I also long for someone’s love and care by my side,

I dream of walking, Yes, I definitely do!

I can already fly in skies of blue!

My words are really true; don’t doubt them, my dear friends,

And even if my dreams might make no sense,

I honestly believe it must be true:

That everything I want, I’ll certainly have real strength to do!

“Valya, when will we move into our new home”? is the question the teacher of the 3rd department has to answer every day. What do the little dwellers of the Kalinovka Orphanage expect their new home to be? They are looking forward to a new life “like at home”, where they will be able to enjoy their own rooms, tables where they will place everything they want to – books, copybooks and maybe even a computer (a bold dream, isn’t it?). It’ll be definitely great there –a new start for the children. If one strongly believes in something, it will surely come true! Even if things don’t go smoothly and all your plans seem to be ruined, don’t stop believing!

Seryozha, Alyosha, Artyom, Sasha, Olezhka, and all the other kids believe in their new home so strongly that it makes you think “It’s a real example of belief, the belief that these dull orphanage days will be finally over”. These children deeply believe that they will manage everything they want: draw pictures, write, read, walk and be anyone they want to. But how can they make their big dream come true if adults have already decided everything for them- who is able, who is disabled, who looks promising, and who can be rehabilitated or not? The children of the Kalinovka orphanage have a very simple outlook for everything around them. A teacher can be kind or evil, a meal is delicious or not, and a story is interesting or boring. If we only could have the same easy life perceptions like these children have: “I believe that I will be able to walk and it means that I will walk!” “I believe that I will be a driver and means that I will be”. We, adult people, like to make things more complicated, otherwise our life seems boring.

While listening to the boys’ diligent singing of children’s song “Antoshka” by the Christmas tree, I suddenly realize that I’ve got enough strength to overcome all those walls of indifference and uselessness. But what if my strength fails me? No, no, I’ll have enough strength and courage because I Believe and Want to help and if I Want, it means that I Can!

P.S. The volunteers of the Happy Child Charity Foundation do their routine job every day, thanks to which, the group of the boys from the 3rd department learn new figures, letters and try their best to put those letters into words. The kids learn new poems and songs which they “perform” for guests. Since the Foundation came to the Kalinovka orphanage, an educational programme has been launched for the children who are able to study. The desire to help these children unites volunteers and staff members. Things are not going great so far, but when there is a noble goal, it’s easier to move towards it.

We are thankful to everyone who makes someone else’s pain their own!

You can also support the educational programme for the children of the Kalinovka orphanage through donations.

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