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Masha Prozhoga – acute leukemia

March 3, 2011, 9:00 4376 Author: Anna Panchenko, translated by Elena Guda www.deti.zp.ua At present Masha doesn't need your help. Many thanks to everyone who supported this girl!

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A pregnant woman came up to me in the department and asked for help: Yulia, Masha’s mother, is desperate. The family does not have any money even for the nourishing diet necessary for the child, to say nothing about Masha’s treatment.

Masha has been undergoing treatment in the hematology department for 8 months. During the entire time her parents were bearing the costs of the treatment by themselves. But chemotherapy cycles come harder and harder upon Masha at present: her test results become much worse; because of complications affecting her legs Masha was not able to walk for some time and her liver is suffering.

At present Masha is in the urgent need of supportive treatment: medication for leucocyte stimulation, antiemetic medicine and medicines supporting liver function. The child also needs a highly nourishing diet.

Masha’s sister is to be born somewhere at the beginning of February.

Financially, the family is completely exhausted.

We wish very much for Masha to be able to enjoy relations with her sister and to assist mother in nursing her; for the girls to have walks and prepare their homework together in future. We want Masha to become a mother one day and to have a possibility of feeling the joy of maternity. So, if we have belief and wish then we have the strength and possibilities to help it all happen!

Let’s present “a tomorrow” for this family?!

Telephone of Yulia, Masha’s mother: +38 (096) 319 90 63

To obtain additional information you can always address the staff of the Happy Child foundation.

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The UAH account for donations:

Recipient’s bank: Privatbank

Stated codes: MFO (Interbranch Turnover) 313399

OKPO (Russian Classification of Enterprises and Organizations) 23788752

Recipient’s account: 29240825545221

Assignment of the payment: replenishment of the card account № 4405 8850 1736 5617, Poyta Lyubov Nikolaevna (Пойта Любовь Николаевна).

The card is open at the name of the sibling of Masha’s mother

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