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Yaroslav M. - the sclerosis of pulmonary vessel, the pulmonary hypertension.

March 7, 2011, 14:00 4292 Author: Grigor'eve Inna, translated by 8A class(gymnasium #71) www.deti.zp.ua Temporarily Katia's Yaroslav does not need our help. Thanks to all who helped the boy!


(In accordance with the circumstances we are compelled to close some data. All necessary documents are saved in the fund)

Medical report

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Telephones of the volunteers and Yaroslav’s parents

So the person is arranged: happiness and pleasure are expected by us, and problems, and illness are always unexpected. The boy lives, he is found of computer sciences. He is a serious guy, purposeful and responsible. Five years ago Yaroslav felt badly. He was tired strongly in school. Fatigue amplified gradually, son’s condition scared his mother and they went to inspection of the doctors. It’s a pity, but this inspection didn`t bring anything for the hero of our story. All these symptoms and asthenia is the clarification of serious illness of one of heart valve, the pulmonary arteries and the pulmonary insufficiency. Yuroslav’s condition was getting worse. He had to be treated in the cardio logical department of Zaporozhye regional children’s hospital and then to undergo additional inspection in Kiev hospitals.

They said that he had to confine physical activity, which caused short breath, giddiness, pain in the chest and that he had to keep the severe medical regime to survive. While mum was able – she bought the medicines. Now treatment with medicines is the saving raft which holds the young man “afloat ’’. Although, it is impossible to cure the illness of the guy by medicines, because the change of lungs is necessary. But such operation in Ukraine can’t be made, and in the foreign specialized centers its coast is 200 thousand euros. Yaroslav's mum was shocked when she knew the sum, which is necessary to buy medicines for the son every month, without including the cost of the operation. Cost of medicines is too expensive for the family. But it is necessary to live, to do something, to rescue the child! Larisa Vladimirovna has addressed for the help in the fund "The Happy Child". with hope, that people who care will help to raise funds for medicines together Your help is necessary to collect means for such medicines:

"Revatio" - 8000 hryvnias for packing

"Ventavis" - 13000 hryvnias for packing

"Sildenafil" - 200 hryvnias for packing (they need 8 packings in a month)

Total sum: 23 200 hryvnias

Yaroslav has to take these medicines monthly. The income of his mother is 10 times less than the required sum. But without medicines the boy is threatened with greater danger. We believe: you will not leave the person who found himself like on a raft at ocean, in a trouble. You have always helped and help all the children whose parents had addressed for the help. The feasible donation from careful people will help to keep a life of the child and will give hope for the future.

Phone of Larisa Vladimirovna: 38(096) 56 95 596

You also can address for the additional information to employees of the fund "The Happy Child"

Ways of transferring donations for Yaroslav's treatment:

(We ask you to inform the employees of the fund about donations)

Bank details for transferring donations in US dollars from abroad:

Beneficiary: Kilyarova Larisa Vladimirovna

Card: 6762 4620 5299 5658

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Swift code:PBANUA2X


swift code: CHAS.US.33 CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT: 0011000080

Bank details for transferring donations in euros from abroad:

Beneficiary: Kilyarova Larisa Vladimirovna

Card: 6762 4620 5299 5666




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