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Here’s our baby Mashenka!

April 14, 2011, 21:00 4954 Author: Inna Grigoryeva www.deti.zp.ua Treatment of the youngest patient in the oncohematology department appeared to be very complicated: there were doubts in the diagnosis and in addition hepatitis B was detected.

The baby’s mother turns to our readers with gratitude for the help and with a request for future support:

"I am Mashenka Doropheeva’s mother. I’d like to thank everyone who helped us. Without you, we wouldn’t make it. When Maria was diagnosed with liver tumor I took it as a sentence. But it wasn’t. She managed to cope with this. She wants to live very much. And now, after 8 chemotherapy courses the doctors have doubts in the diagnosis. As a result, after immunohistochemistry, Kiev specialists diagnosed angiosarcoma - vascular tumor. It was a shock to us because the treatment the baby had got was quite of a different kind. And with such a diagnosis she wouldn’t be alive any more. But we believe everything will eventually be good for us.

At present we are sending all the documents to Moscow. Later we will do the same with the operation materials. We don’t even know how much the examination will cost. Besides, the child needs computer tomography. The doctors will look at the dynamics and whether the tumor is operable, because it wasn’t removed yet. Tomography will cost us 1500 UAH and it is an enormous sum for us.

Mashenka was just starting to come to herself after the chemotherapy when some scary news lay in wait for us again: the child was diagnosed as having acquired acute viral hepatitis B. I had to go to the regional isolation hospital with the child for treatment – to drive the child out of the acute conditions.

I ask all the people who care to help us. We spend a lot of money for medicines and soon we will need money for medical examination in Moscow.

We want to thank in advance everyone who will respond to the request”.

Requisites for making donations for Mashenka’s treatment can be found on the page with request for help.

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