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Alex Fix - Ewing`s Sarcoma of the left shoulder blade

April 23, 2011, 13:30 3261 Author: Nadezhda Ivazshenko www.donor.org.ua Alex has had cancer surgery to remove his left shoulder blade in Kiev. Now he is scheduled to have 6-7 chemotherapy sessions which he will have done in Zaporozhye.The boy and his family will need your help on this long road to his recovery.

Diagnosis: Ewing`s Sarcoma of the left shoulder blade

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Very often we wait for a proper time to do something important, we say to ourselves, we will do it when we have enough time or when we are in a better place or perhaps when without us it would not be done. Well, this is the time. The time to help Alex Fix from Zaporozhye, Ukraine because Alex has no time to wait. Alex is a nice, playful, fidgety boy, the apple of his mom`s eye, he is her pride, and he is the only man in the family as dad is no longer involved.

At his age of 10 he is hope and support for 4 women. Besides his mom he has 3 elder sisters ages 18, 15 and 12. In just a short time since he was admitted to the hospital his mother lost her job and his dad passed. He has no one left to ask for help. A good thing is in the hospital where he has already had 6 chemotherapy sessions, all expensive medications were paid for. He has a chance to get the medical treatments he needs now.

His ordeal began near the end of last August when Alex`s shoulder blade started to hurt. By the beginning of September it hurt so much that he could not sleep. Mom took him to many hospitals, and within a few weeks he was admitted to a hematology unit of the Zaporozhye Regional clinic and was diagnosed with Ewing`s Sarcoma of the left shoulder blade. On the 11th of March, 2011 he was sent to the National Institute of Cancer in Kiev where he had surgery to remove the sarcoma.

All the money his mom had at that time was spent within 2 weeks. To have the surgery done they needed to get 6-8 thousand hryvnas. Many people donated and the necessary sum was raised. Alex had the surgery recently. Surgery was not too long, only 2 and half hours and it was sucessfull. Next morning after the surgery he was moved from intensive care to a usual room where he is beginning to get better little by little. The only thing that is bothering him now is the thought of when he can run again or at least walk because he is not used to staying in bed. He is such a strong young man!But his doctor says he has 6-7 more chemotherapy sessions ahead which he will have done in Zaporozhye, close to his home. The boy and his family will need your help on this long road to his recovery.

We ask anyone to help Alex to get through this ordeal!


Cell phone number of Alex`s mother Lyudmila: 099-457-68-05,

Cell phone number of the volunteer Nadezhda Ivazshenko: 095-766-46-67

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God bless you!

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