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Save a child: Shabanova Nina, 13 years old - cancer of brain

September 30, 2006, 0:00 8321 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine Zaporozhye orphanages website Nina had brain tumor and died after 2 years' fight with her sickness

Nina died April 21, 2008

Case history from the hospital (on Russian)

How to donate money to this child

Nina died in March 2008.

This is a letter written by Shabanova Svetlana regarding her critically ill daughter, Nina:

" I am asking all of you, please, help me save Nina's life. My daughter is only 13. It is just the two of us, we have no other living relatives. At the moment Nina is undergoing an intensive treatment of radio and chemotherapy on the 5th floor of the Oncology ward, Zaporozhye State Hospital.

Nina has had two operations already. The first operation was performed at the Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children where a shunt was installed to aid the suction of (cerebro) spinal fluid from her brain.

The following operation took place in Kiev, in the Neurosurgery Institute. During the operation a 4cm tumour was removed, but it was discovered that the tumour had its roots in the cerebellum.

Consequently, the rehabilitation period was long and painful. Nina had a fever for 18 days. Everyday during that period my daughter was an inch from death, but thankfully she is still with me.

As of today (7 September 2006), Nina's health is not as bad as it was immediately after the operation. However, it is still critical. Her walk is dented since cerebellum is responsible for movement and coordination. Due to the stagnation in her brain and the fact that tumour was in the way of a normal flow for the cerebro fluid, Nina's sight has diminished by 50%. On top of that, there is a partial atrophy of the sight nerves.

Still, I am very grateful to the doctors who have performed the operation. One wrong move could have left her fully paralysed.

All this time, a lot of friends and even strangers have helped us financially. From the first day of Nina's illness in May 2006 until September 2006 we spend $3000 on her treatment.

Today, we need a lot of money to finance the medication which includes protefazid, vera-vinkristin and immune stimulating preparations. Friends do not have any more resources to help us.

Another problem is not medical, but it is also important.

I had $ 800 collected in order to connect the gas supply to my house. Soon there will be very low temperature outside and we may end up staying in the house with no heating. Please, help us. It is essential for us to acquire a boiler, stove, pipes and to pay for the instillation. Since Nina is still sick and we have nobody else, I cannot go to work yet.

God Bless You All, I pray that you will never get sick and always be happy! Nina and I have been through a terrible ordeal and only God knows what will become of us…"

Any financial help as well as a donation of above-mentioned medications would be greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance!

How to donate money to this child

You may contact Svetlana Shabanova (speaks only Russian) by calling: +3 8 066 13 41 662

Svetlana and Nina Shabanova home address:

106 Trudovaya Street, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, 69092

Albert Pavlov, a volunteer from the "HappyChild" organization has assigned himself to help the family. You can contact Mr.Pavlov (speaks English) by calling +3 8 (066) 513 34 35, or email: detizp@mail.ru

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