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Save a child: Kurdyukova Christinka, 8 years - brain tumor

January 22, 2007, 0:00 3886 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine (translated by Clara Fomenko) www.deti.zp.ua Christinka has completed her treatment and temporarily doesn't require the welfare

Extract from case history

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An eight-year-old Christina Kurdyukova from Zaporozhye, when she finished her second year at the junior school, seriously fell ill with brain tumor (medulloblastoma). Now Christina with her dad are taking a course of irradiation and chemotherapy at the Institute of radiology in Moscow. All family savings were spent on the operation, and the family is not able to pay for the next operation.

Doctors from Moscow agreed to begin after-operational treatment only after prepayment of $1000, having been paid by volunteers from Moscow. The rest $4000 is desperately needed. And this is only for treatment. However, they need food to eat, the place to stay at in Moscow, to pay for transport expenses from Zaporozhye to Moscow, which amounts to not less than 500 dollars per month additionally.

Christina’s mom, Elena Yarchenko, takes care of Christina and her younger sister Marianna, who is 1,7 years old. Christina is with dad in Moscow. He had to leave his job, and Christina’s grandma collects money for treatment.

Here is the letter from Christina’s grandma:

I am Yarchenko Irina Vasilievna, Christina Kurdyukova’s grandmother. My granddaughter is 8 years old.

We live in Zaporozhye. In April 2006 Christina suffered from headaches, her gait became disbalanced. Brain tomography was made. Professors recommended an operation. Christina was operated on in Moscow, at the Institute named after Burdenko. All savings of my daughter, myself, and our relatives were spent on the operation.By 29 August 2006 5000 dollars had been spent on the operation and rehabilitation. We had borrowed about $3000 from different people.

The doctors think the operation was successful and Christinka is slowly recovering. But to destroy the remains of tumor she had to go through irradiation and chemotherapy.

Now Christina is getting treatment at the institute of radiology in Moscow. We must urgently pay the remaining $4000 for her treatment (irradiation and chemotherapy). (NOTE: one Moscow fund agreed on paying for treatment but money for food and lodging, as well as travel expenses, is needed)

I beg not indifferent people to help us save our girl! She is kindhearted, plays the piano, believes in God. Bless you!

With great respect, Yarchenko Irina Vasilievna

Bank account in US dollars:

Beneficiary: Yarchenko Irina Vasilevna

Account: 29249800003506 to card account 77521208

Intermediary bank: American Express Bank ltd, New York, USA Swift code: AEIBUS33

Bank of beneficiary: Nadra, Kiev, Ukraine Swift code: NADRUAUX

Correspondent account: 00742106

Donations for treatment can be instantly transferred by PrivatMoney, VMT (Leader), Pravex Bank, Aval Express, Avers (Finance and credit), WesternUnion, and others.

Christina’s home address:

Zaporozhye, Sovkhoznaya Street, 59-7

Phone numbers: +3 8 0612 95-88-12 (at home)

+3 8 061 270-54-99 (radiophone)

+3 8 0612 96-91-99 (grandparents)

+3 8 097 507-37-81

Dad - Kurdyukov Ivan Nokolayevich

December 19, 2006 Christina is in Zaporozhye regional hospital for children, hematology department (Lenin avenue, 70, floor 5) - phone number +3 8 061 222-21-50

Christina’s volunteer from Zaporozhye is Albert Pavlov - phone number +3 8 066 513 34 35 e-mail: detizp@mail.ru

Inner world of Christina (news on November 11, 2006)

Christina Kurdyukova from Zaporozhye has artistic mind. She is eight but creative ideas, plans and hopes are many. Her parents remember Christina’s lovely home performances. Christina distributed the parts, made up the text, and even her little sister Marianna, who is 1,5 years old, took part in them. She must have inherited this creativity - her dad likes playing the guitar, and grandma is a music teacher.

Christina is fond of reading, including biblical texts. Before her illness she visited Kiev-Pechera lavra, Remote caves, which impressed her a great deal. When she is well again she will visit other sacred places. Christinka often prays.

She has one more dream to visit Egypt, as she calls it, “to look at fish”. She watched a TV program about underwater world of the Red sea. Dreaming about this beauty helps her overcome hard treatment and gives strength to fight on.

A curious episode took place in Moscow when Christina was being treated at the institute of radiology. Her condition was very hard - because of fungous infection she ate almost nothing for ten days. Two grandmas were on duty at the foot of her bed. Thanks to God, Christina overcame the disease and fell asleep with relief. Grandma interpreted her closed eyes as a bad symptom and, horrified, cried out calling for her “Christina! Christina!” At once the girl awakened, rose to her feet and cried out: ”Grannies! Leave me alone. Let me have a sleep at last!”

At present Christina is for a few days home for magnet-resonance tomography. Such a procedure costs a lot in Moscow and is cheaper in Zaporozhye ($190). Then she will get back to Moscow to go on with chemotherapy. Moscow doctors say that the girl can recover. All her family hopes for the best. And her family are all of us.

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