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Gulyaipolskaya (Gulyai-Pole) Special General Education Boarding School for orphans and children without parental care

February 27, 2009, 9:00 13654 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Inna Nigay www.deti.zp.ua More than 200 orphans and children without parental care live and study at the Boarding School, 7 km from town Gulyaipole, Zaporozhye region

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The needs of Gulyaipolskaya Boarding School

Nice building with large windows, long corridors, comfortable classes is located Gulyaipolshipna surrounded by green maple woods, chestnut trees and poplar.

This is municipal organization which is Gulyaipolskaya Special General Education Boarding School (Gulyai-Pole orphanage) for orphans and children without parental care.

The history of Boarding School starts from 1955 when the District Educational Department opened boarding school for children with physical and mental disabilities. The education was in Russian language. The school was opened at the building of former Pedagogical College. Tsyganenko G.A. was appointed as Director of School.

120 students studied at the school. Hard working staff of the school did their best for children to get the warmth, care and knowledge. Children learned wood crafts, sewing besides the general education. At their free time children learned knitting, embroidery, wood carving.

The boarding school was moved to the building of boarding school located 7 km from the town in summer 1967. These were buildings with nice bedrooms, wide classes, sport class and school hall, workshops and house for teachers. The only thing missing was the roads to the school.

There are 210 students at the school now. This is Ukraine language oriented school. School has 35 ha of territory, garden.

Children from the rural areas studied at the boarding school mainly. They could learn wood crafts and sewing and also the agricultural works because they worked with adults. Shoes making, bench work, bookbinding, craft of plastering, service work were taught to cover the needs of every student. The special workshops were equipped and qualified teachers work there.

Despite of far location from the town, teachers take creative approach to their work, they take great care of students and create all conditions for education and preparation of students to independent life and work. The canteen was built additionally in 80s.

According to the request of parents and children, teachers Shingura I.I. and Petelka M.M. with support of director Stolyarenko have opened the 10th grade for education of tractor driver, category A. This is the only school in the country where graduates can get such a profession. Best graduates of Zaporozhye schools come to the 10th grade of this Boarding School. 147 tractor drivers graduated from this school during these years. School is very proud of some of them.

Vocational education had a priority during all years. The school has shared its experience in the field of vocational education at regional and republican seminars. The school was reorganizaed to Gulyaipolskaya Special General Education Boarding School for orphans and children without guardianship by the Decision of 10th session of Zaporozhye District #20 dated June 10, 2004.

Teachers, medical staff and service staff try to create good environment at the school by providing parental care for children.

The Boarding School celebrated 50th anniversary in autumn 2005. Nowadays, the School is educational center where the learning environment for over 200 children with special needs is created. 73 teachers and 68 technical staff work at the school.

The School has something to be proud of. Main part of graduates and orphans continue their education at vocational school, get adapted in the society, and arrange their personal life. It means that the Boarding School fulfills its function.

About needs

The Boarding School receives financing but not enough for purchase of all necessary things. Our children love to take sports but we need sport equipment. We have a lack of board development games, erector sets, soft toys for younger children. Children of our school have all necessary clothes but the quota is not enough.

We need:





washing means (soap, shampoo, detergents).

Our contacts:

70803, g. Gulyaipole, Zaporojskaya oblast, Ukraine

e-mail: gplinternat[sobaka]zp.ukrtel.net

Telephone of Director: +380 6145 4-13-47

Telephone of Deputy Director: +380 6145 4-22-47


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