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Christmas Holiday at the Orthodox orphanage «Nadezhda»

March 11, 2009, 9:00 6162 Author: Inna Grigorjeva, translated by Inna Nigay www.deti.zp.ua Children without parental guardianship who have found their new family at the Orthodox orphanage "Nadezhda" ("Hope") are being educated as Orthodox Christians. On the 7th of January they invited their friends to celebrate the Christmas together.

What is Christmas for every person? The Christian world understands what God Man Jesus Christ brought for us by being born and made flesh at the Earth. It is a greatest joy and celebration for everybody.

Children without parental guardianship who have found their new family at the Orthodox orphanage "Nadezhda" (the word "nadezhda" means "hope") are being educated as Orthodox Christians. That is the main difference of this orphanage. Because it is so important to fulfill with spiritual contents the souls of children without parental love and care, to educate them with Christian moral, kindness, mercy, chastity and love for neighbor.

The orphanage "Nadezhda" was opened by efforts and prayers of Father Vasily, Zaporozhskiy and Melitopolsky Metropolitan. The main objective of the school is social and pedagogical rehabilitation of the children without parental care. But even the best social pedagogical rehabilitation cannot substitute the necessary parental care, cannot warm up their frozen hearts and sad eyes, and cannot fulfill their souls with light and joy. Only life with belief can give all this to the child.

When we talk to the children from «Nadezhda» we can see what important role the religious education has played in their lives. There are various children who study at this boarding school. Some children come from the families with parents who have asocial lifestyle, some of them are orphans. According to the words of Director of the orphanage some children could not even use flatware; some of them have never tried even soup!! Administration of «Nadezhda» and all merciful people who help the orphanage help children to adopt socially. Children attend church service in Svyato-Nikolskaya Church on Sundays and church holidays. They study in Sunday School as well. Children also attend the general education school. Such double education do not contradict with each other, indeed it shows the positive results.

The environment in the Boarding School tells about spiritual education. Prayers in refectory.

Children accept orthodox life and nobody have rejected it. According to the words of Archpriest Dimitry Shulyak (Zaporozhye) children live with Orthodoxy and learn spiritual experience much easier than adults. But adults should bring children to the faith.

Students of the Boarding School visit various cultural events on holidays, learn computer, participate in school events, go to fieldtrips and excursions.

Children have shown their talents and knowledge on Christmas. Children show it with love and faith.

It is important to see that senior students take care of their little brothers and sisters with joy. (all students are brothers and sisters because the community of this orphanage is like a big family because only about 25 children live and are brought up there). Older children help and support the younger ones who listen to every word of them.

All decorations, costumes were made by children with teachers. The event was organized with great love. Guests of “Nadezhda” and students watched the performance with great joy.

Children play the Wise Men who have brought gold, incense and myrrh to newborn Jesus.

Here it is – the large united and kind family.

Seeing the results of religious education we'd really appreciate if every school with orphans had the education system where children without parental care could come to God, learn about God and fulfil the spiritual emptiness with faith and love. It is very important for children’s souls who have learned the dirtiness of world too early, who have lost love and care. Such children are like sponge which absorbs all surrounding reality. If we will not take care of such children now we will see the results of our own hardness of the hearts lately.

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