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Special Project: Chuck Norris on Hoverla Mount.

September 10, 2012, 14:30 3258 Author: Roman Kirchenko klubok.org.ua “Chuck Norris didn’t step on Hoverla. It was Hoverla to lay down under Chuck Norris”

«Chuck Norris is not doing pushups, Chuck Norris is pushing the Earth away from enormous asteroid’s flight trajectory».

“— You have serious intentions to invite Chuck Norris? – why him?” - we faced this kind of questions at the stage of planning of the camping trip. The answer is seems obvious: Chuck Norris is just an embodiment of “greatness”. He is wise, kind, strong, live and real! We couldn’t find anyone in Ukraine, who will have all these qualities. At the same time, having a hero is essential. Well, all children’s problems can be solved by ordinary adult citizens. But so far, unfortunately, we don’t have enough unity for this step.

“You can see Chuck Norris , Chuck Norris, and one more Chuck Norris on the picture “Three Heroes”.

There are several different areas, where Zaporozhye children require help. We can devide them conditionally into operational and preventive. Operational help includes: urgent help to sick children and children hospitals, ongoing support of families with complex deceases, ongoing support with children having difficulties as for example in Kalinovka boarding school. Preventive help is mostly directed for boarding school children’s socialization: its adoption families stimulation, creating children houses of family type, also tourist program for children “Klubok”. By the way, the mount climbing was a part of this program.

“Chuck Norris was learning lessons at school and taught them”.

Prior to the climbing, there was long train and buses trips – from Zaporozhye to Vorokhta, it’s a long way to go. During that time, members of the climbing group got to know each other and even became friends. Next day there was climbing to Hoverla mount base and camp setup. And of course, first bad weather – never ending rain and temperature decrease. Carpathians are usually rainy, and it seemed unfriendly to those kids who expected to see second Crimea there. The impression was softened by well made hot dinner and improvised concert at the fire. Next day – climbing up.

“Chuck Norris didn’t step on Hoverla. It was Hoverla to lay down under Chuck Norris”.

Having left all heavy equipment at the camp, inspired children made their way to the hill. Thought with no heavy thing in the backpacks, climbing up was not effortless for everybody. There were refusals, and “I want home”, and “leave me here”. But the top was calling and attracting. And nevertheless, everybody reached the highest peak of Ukraine. The weather in Carpathians is fast changing, and even faster on Hoverla. We climbed up with a good visibility, but in a moment , it started getting cloudy and dull. Guys from “Khorta” band took out the instruments and started a song “Zozulya”, as if not for the first time, very live and fresh at the monuments on the mount. Passing by tourists gathered to watch the improvised concert, were pleased and surprised with that turn of the events. And it seems the whole peak is singing and repeating “This is Zaporozhye, This is Ukraine….” And its like even the sky didn’t want to be left aside, thunderstorm hit and nice and calm weather was turned into a bad storm on the spot. You will never see such hail and rain in the city! The team was hiding under the tent that was thoughtfully taken, but those who was sitting at the edge, fully enjoyed never ending floods, wind and hail. In about fifteen minutes everything was over. Shivering because of the cold, we were getting out of the tent, quietly smiling to each other, just like got through some consecration ceremony. The consecration of conquerors.

“Chuck Norris knows who is watching his Facebook profile”.

Then there was going down, night at the camp, and one more climbing to “Nesamoviti” lake. According to the legend, souls of dead are living in this lake, and they are arising from the lake, shake the clouds, making the weather so bad in this area. So as we can see, the ghosts are not taking breaks and again we are having drizzle. Some more kilometers added up, one more night, more kilometers, and here we are at the station, in a small village. Waiting for boarding the night trip train, then a walk around Lvov city and a way back home. During these days we got to know each other so well and coming back home almost as a family.

“Chuck can not have X Ray done, as X Rays can not get through Chuck’s skin”

Its obvious, that no one can predict Chuck Norris, a he is the one to predict all events. We are not Gods, and we don’t know everything in this world and are not capable of everything. But the children, and us, made a big effort to draw Chuck’s attention to problems and concerns of Zaporozhye children. (as a proof, there was a short video clip made, that was sent to Chuck for review).

And what is very important is in order to help zaporozhye children its not necessary that you climb up the mounts or invoke world famous people. Only feasible support and help. And believe me, the importance will be hardly overestimated. Will win together!

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