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Svetlana Panasenko: help urgently needed for buying expensive medicine!

February 22, 2010, 16:00 3507 Author: Kulpina Julia(translated into English by Kharnova-Pair) www.deti.zp.ua We ask everyone who has sympathy to help: Please help Svetlana to continue the treatment!

Our girl needs to continue her medical treatment with the medicine "Fludara". The cost of 1 ampoule is 1890 hrn. She needs 5 ampoules for the treatment course which means that we need to collect 9450 hrn. for Svetlana's further treatment. She needs to begin chemotherapy course immediately, especially since there was an interruption in the treatment due to the side effects of the previous course of chemothera.

Svetlana's Mom and volunteers of the fund 'Happy Child', are very thankful to all the people who responded to our previous request for help. We say "Thank you" for your open hearts, again and again! We believe that the necessary sum will be collected, since Svetlana simply needs to live! Her parents, friends and all of us need her!

We ask everyone who has sympathy to help: Please help Svetlana to continue the treatment!

I want to finish this article with the quotation of a very wise and successful man: "You exist when You get, but you live when you give" (Winston Cherchil).

Bank account for money transfers can be found on Svetlana's page with the request for help.

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