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The orthodox orphanage “Nadezhda”

March 12, 2010, 16:00 9195 www.deti.zp.ua In the orthodox orphanage, opened in February 2002, there live 24 children at the age from 3 till 17 years old

News and articles about the orphanage “Nadejda”

24 children at the age from 3 to 15 years old mostly from Zaporozhye and Zaporozhye region live here.

Children study in public schools. They are engaged in the circles such as drawing, modeling, knitting, sewing and also sections (basketball, volleyball, soccer). Sometimes they go for trips and pilgrimages.

The orphanage was opened Feb. 3, 2002 on the initiative of Archbishop of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Vasiliy. The diocese helps, the bishop Vasiliy regularly visits the children. St. Nicholas church in Zaporozhie city gives the orphanage guidance. In addition to the educators in the staff there are also a speech therapist and a pediatrician.

The information about the orphanage from the web-site "Orthodoxy in Ukraine"


СSince 2002 an orthodox orphanage "Nadejda" operates as a structural unit under Zaporozhye diocesan direction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was opened with labour and prayers of Archbishop of Zaporozhzhye and Melitopol Vasiliy. The main purpose of the shelter is a social and pedagogical rehabilitation of children left without parental care. During the existence of the shelter more than 200 kids have received help.

The existence of such institutions for children is essential. A child deprived of parental care, before being identified in a boarding school, must pass medical and social adaptation, learn to live in a new team, in the new conditions. He needs a medical examination and sometimes the treatment.

In 2001, when due to lack of financing the urban shelter was closed, the stuff of the shelter applied with their proposals to the Archbishop Vasiliy. The church hierarch got enthusiastic over the new idea and put a lot of labour and efforts to open an orthodox orphanage. It was allocated in the premises of the former diocesan college. The diocesan administration has assumed the payment of public utilities. At the request of the bishop, many people helped with the repairs, the alterations, the purchase of the furniture, the clothes, food and everything necessary. And the shelter was opened.

There are no analogues of such orphanage in Ukraine

The main difference of the orphanage "Nadejda" from the others is that it is non-state institution, it exists only at the expense of charitable donations. Under existing legislation, in the public shelters children can be there not more than 3 months, then they must be transferred to the boarding school.In 3 months it is possible to carry the medical rehabilitation under the condition that there are no serious pathology, but it is impossible to realize on the sufficient level the social-and-pedagogical rehabilitation. With the regulations of the orthodox orphanage, approved by archbishop Vasiliy, a child can stay in the orphanage one year. And in any event, the future path of the child is desided with the principle of pedagogical expediency.

An orthodox upbringing has a great importance in the life of the house of mercy. From the very early age children learn to make a sign of the cross, to read the morning and the evening prayer before and after meals. The orthodox priests acquaint the children with the principles of Christian morality, the concepts of kindness, mercy, purity, love of the neighbor. And it is so important for children's souls, deprived of the parental care and attention, the souls, who from an early time, faced with the mud of the outside world, with incomprehension and contempt. Like a sponge, they absorb the surrounding reality so easy, and if we do not care about them now, then in the future it will be possible to reap the bitter fruits of our own hard-heartedness.

The shelter employs professional educators - the teachers, the assistant teachers, a nurse, a night watchmen,the cooks, the technicians. The kids get into an orphanage at the request of the church hierarch, the district services for juvenile proceedings, the inspectors who protect the childhood, but there are those who come to the orphanage by themselves. In the orphanage "Nadejda" there are children from 3 to 12 years old, and the mode of the day is picked up individually for each age group. The schoolchildren get up early, the babies - a bit later. After the morning lifting there is a morning toilet, the prayer and the breakfast. Then the teacher leads schoolchildren to school, and the kids go to walk after the breakfast, and if there is a bad weather, they paint, play in the game room as in ordinary kindergarten. After dinner there is a quiet hour, when kids are sleeping. In the evening the teachers arrange games for kids and the schoolchildren do homework under the guidance of the teacher. Then children have a spiritual talk with the priest. After that children dinner, watch television, read books, have a personal time under the supervision of an educator. Kids go to bed after the evening prayers.

The main thing for kids is to learn to live an Orthodoxy

On Sundays and on the religious holidays children attend the divine service at St. Nicholas Church, and then they stay at Sunday school classes. The Orthodox education does not replace the education of teachers. We can say that these two processes are parallel and give amazing results. There is no violence in the pursuance of the Orthodox customs, the kids are happy to live the Orthodox life - and there were no cases that someone has refused. For children it is much easier to learn to live Orthodoxy, to derive his spiritual experience with its two millennia experience,than for the adults.

The children from the orphanage visited the school, they show good results. The kids study with pleasure, but they do not forget about the games. Regularly the feasts are provided with the help of the Orthodox brotherhood. In addition, the kids go to the theaters, the circus, the palaces of culture, they love to read, to play games, to master the PC, they actively participate in school activities, go on hikes and excursions.

Whole summer, children have holidays in the health-improving centers on the Azov Sea, in the picturesque places of the Dnieper river. The rest of the time kids improve their health in a specially equipped physiotherapy room.

Protoiyerey Dimitriy Shulyak, Zaporozhye

December 12, 2006

The address: 69041, Zaporozhye, Kremliovskaya street, 41

The director - Seraya Galina Anatolyevna

Phone: +3 8 061 289-81-39

E-mail: nadezda.deti@mail.ru

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