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Orphan needs a family: Valera K., year of birth 2000

March 22, 2010, 17:00 4699 Author: Mochalova Victoria (translated into English by Marina Alekseenko) www.deti.zp.ua The child has found a family

The boy currently lives in Zaporozhye regional shelter, Though Valera is young, he is a very serious and reliable person. Probably, he is more emotional than his elder sister Vera, however, he is a person you can rely on. Within a few months he earned respect and gained the confidence of the orphanage staff. He likes to learn. He is very good at mathematics. Unfortunately, he has gone to school not for a long time this year.

As all boys, Valera is fond of football; especially he likes to keep the goal. It is so exciting that it depends on you whether the opposing team will be able to kick a goal! By the way, Valera is a great goalkeeper.

Valera longs to find a new family, however, his sister must be also adopted with him. He is fully confident of that. The children are really attached to each other. Valera knows that it is good being in the boarding school but he doesn’t want to live there.

To all people who want to accept this chid or another children to your family please read the memo to the potential adoptive parents, the guardians, the foster parents or contact us

Other children to be adopted.

If you are not ready to adopt (e.g. you are student and haven’t created your own family yet) you can also help the children from the boarding school (orphanage) by supporting organizationally or financially different excursions and trips for the children, visiting a child in the orphanage, or helping with buying developmental toys, books, construction sets and sport equipment.

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