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Happy purchase of the 5th Children's Hospital in Zaporozhye city

April 20, 2010, 14:00 4337 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Anna Gritsun) deti.zp.ua Thanks to your donations the module of the valves for the gas analyzer was purchased for the 5th children's hospital

Gas analyzer "Easy Blood Gas"

Thanks to donations of not indifferent people that come on the account of the charity foundation "Happy Child" as a charity care, a few days ago the module of the valves for the gas analyzer which costs $1100 was purchased for the 5th children's hospital.

As the chief physician O.I. Tokar has informed us, the gas analyzer is needed to determine the blood pH, the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood, to correct the acid basic balance of the blood, that is especially important for children who are on the apparatus of the artificial pulmonary ventilation (APV), as well as children who are in the critical condition in the intensive care unit.

The module of the valves for the gas analyzer

The module of the valves was purchased and installed in short terms. Today it already works and it gladdens the stuff and us too. All the necessary researches are already provided aimed to speed the recovery of little patients of the 5th hospital.

Get well soon, kids;)

Unfortunately, however, the hospital has other very important technical needs. The health and very often the life of the children depends on the solution of these problems.

You can help the patients of the 5th Children's Hospital by making the donation on the account of charity foundation "Happy Child". In this case specify the purpose of payment: charitable aid to the 5th Children's Hospital.

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