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The latest up-to-date news from Moscow about Svetlana Panasenko

August 6, 2010, 18:30 2346 Author: Julia Kulpina (translated into English by Daria Sukach) deti.zp.ua Svetlana is now in Moscow and urgently needs our support for her treatment to be continued.

Good day everyone! I would like to bring you an update on our Svetlana. I would remind you that the girl together with her mom have gone to undergo her medical checkup in Moscow. They made it to Moscow very well. The Moscow volunteers picked them up at the railway station and helped them to get to the hotel which had been booked for them by the members of the Nastenka Charity Foundation. This Charity Foundation has got enormous discounts on hotel booking, so we thank them very much for their great support!

I would love to express my deepest gratitude to the Moscow volunteers Ksenia and Anna who have been helping Svetlana and her mom a lot. They drive our girl to her checkups (it’s burning hot in Moscow these days), have strolls around Moscow, go to the cinema and support Svetlana and her mom morally and financially. Thanks a million, girls! We do not know what we would do without your heartfelt support…

Svetlana has her checkups every day. The results are excellent-everything is in order. It is the greatest opportunity for transplantation now, but there is one “but”-there is no money!!!! The checkup cost already 2680,13 USD, regardless of the living and food expenses. The everyday stay in the hotel requires 83,75 USD! Our Svetlana has been in Moscow for already eight days, so it’s not so difficult to calculate how much they’ve already spent for staying (670,03 USD)!

According to the most conservative estimates, they’ve already spent 3350,16 USD!

We are grateful to people who have transferred their donations! Without your help, Svetlana would not have been able to have her check up in Moscow! THANK YOU!

In the current accounts today: PrivatBank card 6682,43 USD; Webmoney 175 USD; Yandex Wallet 22,68 USD.

We thank so much the parents of Dashenka Evdokimova who have donated 4 562,85 USD for Svetlana (this money was collected for the treatment of their cancer-sick daughter Dasha, but after our little lovely Dasha passed away, her parents made a decision to donate this money to Svetlana).

Dear friends, let’s help Svetlana! We can make a miracle together! Even if everyone transfers at least 3,80 USD– it will make a great help! There is no time to be lost since it’s the best time for transplantation! If we help the girl not to miss her life chance – everything will go smoothly and Svetlana will soon become healthy!



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