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The boarding school for hard-of-hearing and deaf children in Kamenskoye

August 25, 2010, 16:00 9755 Author: The boarding school team (translated into English by Marina Alexeyenko) deti.zp.ua The boarding school staff administers professional care for 240 children. However to implement some projects the boarding school needs the support of contributors

News about the boarding school of Kamenskoye

The needs of the boarding school


The boarding school for hard-of-hearing children was found in 1975 in Molochansk, Zaporozhe oblast. It worked until 1991. Since 1991 the boarding school has been situated in Kamenskoye village of Zaporozhe oblast.

There are 240 children in the boarding school of Kamenskoye. 40 pupils attend preschool training group, 98 pupils attend primary school and there are 102 children in secondary and high school.

With the purpose of social integration and activation of speech activity of hard-of-hearing children it was decided to open classes for children without hearing impairment but with mental retardation in 1999. 70 foster children attend these classes. Such integration is very successful. Hard-of-hearing children have the possibility to communicate and it is possible to better understand the problems of handicapped children.

In rehabilitation activity of the boarding school the rehabilitation correction performed by the fosterers is aimed to reduce handicaps of the children.

The tasks of teachers are based on creating the conditions to make up leeway and reduce development gap: underperformance on one of the intermediate stages of educational process, deviation and non-normality in age and social norms of behavior, disturbances of development, development defects.

During leisure hours and extra-curriculum activities the child supervisors perform rehabilitation and educational work with children: trainings, special games and exercises for development of cognitive and mental processes.

There is a self-government children organization “Raduga”. The highest management body of this organization is Council “Lider” containing the pupils of 5-12 forms. The main principle of teachers is to make up decisions along with pupils, suggest, advise, trust and impel the pupils to independence and initiative. In 2007 the children organization “Raduga” took part in the regional contest devoted to models and programs of pupil self-government on eighth Session of Children Senate of Zaporozhe oblast and was awarded by Certificate of regional state administration.

The goal of the boarding school newspaper ”Raduga” is education and upbringing.

From 2008 to 2009 the boarding school of Kamenskoye had 13 coteries, this year there are 18 coteries. The activity of coteries becomes more and more diverse. For example, this year the children started to learn knitting, beading, making leather applications, hairdressing.

The boarding school is proud of folk dancing group “Ritm”. The title “Folk” was awarded in 2007. The dancing group include more than 70 hard-of-hearing children aged from 6 to 20 years. The dancing group is a prize winner of the Children Festival of Ukrainian Art and Culture “Believe in Yourself”, grand prize winner of Ukrainian Festival of Children Choreography “Veselkove Kolo”, participant of the 2nd International Festiaval “Vesprem Games” in Hungary, award winner of the 2nd International Dance Festival “Mistery Dance 2009”, award winner of ІХ Ukrainian Festival “Dneprovskie Zori” in 2009 and winner of Ukrainian contests such as “Talanti Tvoi Ukraino”, “Believe in Yourself”.

Besides, the boarding school is proud of the success of young sportsmen. The foster children of the boarding school are the members of regional and national basketball team that includes auditory handicapped children.

However to implement some projects the boarding school needs the support of contributors. The boarding school is currently in urgent need of:

- Devices for making oxygen cocktails (Oxygenated Delivery Systems)

- Therapeutic apparatus UVCh for preventive medical care

- Outdoor playground for children of preschool and primary school age

-Toys (games of skill, table games, balls, dolls, dining set toys, etc. except fluffy toys)

- Suits for dancing group.

To help the boarding school of Kamenskoye, please transfer donations to the account of charity Fund “Happy Child” While transferring please indicate: “For boarding school of Kamenskoye” or contact the administration staff of the boarding school.

The boarding school for hard-of-hearing and deaf children of Kamenskoe, Zaporozhe oblast


Zaporozhe obl.,

Vasilyevskiy rayon


Semerenko Str., 1


Tel:+38 (06175) 56-2-68, +38 (06175) 56-3-72

e-mail: Kam-internat [at] yandex.ru

Headmaster: Panchenko Galina Vladimirovna

Infant School :



Budenogo Str., 6а

Tel: +38 (061) 224-92-23


The content of this article is based on the information of the boarding school website: http://kaminternat.ucoz.ru/

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