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The Kirovo invalids house (branch for girls)

August 25, 2010, 13:30 13871 Author: Tarasova Viola (translated into English by Natalya Olson) deti.zp.ua There are 57 children with deep intellectual backwardness in children's branch, the majority of them have parents, but they are compelled to spend all their time in the invalids house

News about the boarding school

The needs of the boarding school


Work with the girls having deep mental backwardness, is the one of three main lines of The Kirov's House of Invalids activities. At the moment there are 57 kids at the Junior Section (till 17 y.o.) and 65 persons at the Senior one (from 18 y.o. till 30 y.o.)

The majority of children who are in The Kirov's House of Invalids have parents or the trustees, only two children have orphan status and some children who were deprived of parental guardianship. All the time, including vacations and days off, girls are staying on the territory of the House of Invalids, only some of them are taken home by parents once a month or on vacation.

However, this summer not all children remained within the precincts of a nursing home, the establishment management could sent 28 girls to the sea.

In Junior Section there are children with different mental backwardness, the special school program on which they are engaged within an academic year is intended for all of them.This program includes training to the elementary calculation, speech development, art therapy, musical therapy, audio therapy (so called "Fairy-tales" therapy), work therapy, physical culture.

These children have a special mode of education as well: three lessons they have in the morning, and two after noon.

Except training, these girls have an additional lessons such as: an embroidery, sewing, hand-made articles making, sports circles. Children like holidays and visitors.

It would be desirable to notice that sports circles became very popular at the Junior Section. So within the limits of the small Olympic Games for invalids at the regional competitions on tennis the pupil of The Kirov's House of Invalids took the first place. Now the girl prepares to participate in State competitions which will take place in September-October in Evpatoria, Ukraine.

Some girls participated in Sport Games which also were part of the small Olympic Games for invalids. They took the 1-st and the 2-d place in tennis and 2-d place – in pioneerball (Game like a volleyball, but the player has to catch the ball and hold it in hands firmly. )

One more hobby of the girls is a puppet theater. Together with tutors children make dolls, and then arrange puppets' show which are also a part of "fairy-tales" therapy.

By the way, dolls and hand-made articles which the girls make, have the second hand usage. Several times under the aegis of the Jewish community center in Zaporozhye there were auctions where the children's hand-made articles were sold out. All obtained money has been spent for the girls' needs.

The Kirov's House of Invalids, of course, has some needs. First of all, as we were explained by the manager, they need donations and people who will have a burning desire to help the sick children.

The Current Needs of Kirovsky Orphanage (Department for Bedridden Children):

1. Air freshener (Air week) – replaceable cartridges 10 pcs

2. Liquid baby soap and shampoo

3. Jaconet 30 meters

4. Cheesecloth 30 meters

5. Medical gloves (non sterile) 150 pcs

Unfortunately, our Government doesn't provide any means for it. However, anybody can help.

Everyone can help to The Kirov's House of Invalids by common efforts. For this purpose you can transfer your donations onto account of charity Fund “Happy Child”

(in a payment field you have to specify "For The Kirov's House of Invalids") or you can contact The Kirov's House of Invalids management directly.

Sovetskaya Str, 42

t. Kirovo

Orehovsky District

Zaporozye Region


Junior Section Manager - Ryabko Natalya +38 (061)41-47-243

Chief of The Kirov's House of Invalids - Starosvitsky Alexander +38 (061)41-47-324

Accounting Department - +38 (061) 41-47-285

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