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The Novonikolaevsk Special School for Children with Pronunciation Difficulties

September 6, 2010, 13:00 6092 Author: Viola Tarasova (translated into English by Natalya Olson) 260 children are raised in the boarding school. Fortunately, many of them completely get rid of the speech defects by the end of education.

News about the boarding school

The needs of the boarding school


At Novonikolaevsk Special School study, live and pass rehabilitation nearby 260 persons (to the beginning of educational process of 2010-2011 the complete list of pupils hasn't been confirmed yet). 21 out of 260 are children deprived of parental guardianship, and the orphans.

All teachers of elementary school are logopedists as well, because all children have the problems with pronunciation. In general, at school there are seven logopedic classes, and also a language laboratory. Three of seven logopedic classes are equipped by computers.

Psychologists who are dealing with children on the daily basis provide a great help in rehabilitation and educational work as well.

That's understandable that the basic aim of all activities at school is to develop pronunciation abilities and correcting pronunciation skills. Fortunately, many graduates completely get rid of these problems. Some of them experience considerable improvement. Thanks to it, they can build their further life being on the same level with other teenagers, without feeling any kind of complexes. So, in 2010 nine graduates of The Novonikolaevsk Special School will continue to study in Radio Engineering college (Zaporozhye), Aviation college (Zaporozhye), Osipenkovsky college (basically building engineering professions) etc.

Children are at school from Monday till Friday, and go home for the weekends. Those who have no such an opportunity (the orphans, children from poor families or living far from the school) stay at school for the weekends and vacations. That's why various out-of-class activities are providing for these children. Pupils can display their talents and abilities in a musical, dancing or sports circles.

They also have a chorus and live music orchestra.

Some children are attending a photo circle and musical school sponsored by the Center of Social Services.

To the big pleasure of children and their teachers there are people who periodically provide their assistance for the school and come on a visit. Among them are such factories like "Iskra" and "Progress". However there are financial needs, which school can't manage to solve.

Our school highly needs:

- New playground;

- Tennis table (the director especially stressed on its necessity);

- Sports equipment;

- New toys.

You can help The Novonikolaevsk Special School for Children with Pronunciation Difficulties by making your donations onto the "Happy child" fund's account (in a payment field please specify "Donation for The Novonikolaevsk Special School for Children with Pronunciation Difficulties"

Also you can call directly to the school's management:

Zaporozhye District,

t. Novonikolaevka

Komsomol Str, 164

70150 Ukraine

Director - Polsky Vladimir Anatolievich

Ph. + 38 (061)449-16-81

Official website of the boarding school

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