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November 26, 2010, 16:00 4411 Author: Natalya Snegurova translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua This article is a call for help from the little dwellers of the Kalinovka Orphanage. “The Soul Confession” of the angels who don’t have wings

“Mom, take me with you!”, Alyosha’s cry echoes in my ears on my way home. I shiver from a telltale cold in the depth of my soul.

“I… I…can’t…I can’t!”, echoes in my mind and my bleeding heart. So ends another working day for the orphanage volunteers. “A new MOM” is going to wash and feed you tomorrow and switch on TV set for you. But your heart still aches with sadness. And why do our nannies have such an apologetic look? Are they to blame for the fact that my beloved mom was not able to love me because I differ from everyone? Are they to blame that my ‘children’s house’ is the only possible workplace for them in the three nearest villages? Maybe they, like me, also dreamt of driving car or train or working as an ambulance driver or even of flying.… If only I could fly out of the window and fly above the farm, laundry, above the pond with herons or even together with the birds. However, it’s not my turn to go out today since there are many of us here but just a few nannies and a teacher.

Oh, if I only had wings!...

I’ve also heard from the nanny that the children from the neighbouring children’s house go out very seldom as one of the teachers hurt her back when she was carrying the boys and girls outside. Of course, our nannies and teachers love us!

Sometimes our nannies simply have “no strength”; sometimes they are in a bad mood, and sometimes the weather is really nasty. It’s okay, however – as WE LOVE THEM anyway! If we only had wings! Then we would go out every day; we’d play with herons or cows. And I wish I could learn to read, draw and write because when I grow up, I will become an ambulance driver. I will drive very very fast and help CHILDREN! But to make this dream come, true kind-hearted men and women need to rehabilitate my arms and legs …If not – it’s okay, because I love THEM ALL anyway!

P.S. We just need YOU so much! We need you not to turn into a shadow, so the colour of the skies, the sun, and trees stay bright for us.

We ask all kind-hearted people to give their personal and financial support for the orphans of the Kalinovka’s Children’s House. Your generous donations will help us cover the cost of: :

• salaries for teachers and doctors, (particularly specialists such as dentists, psychiatrists, massages and exercise therapists);

• rehabilitation equipment;

• ramp construction.

Absolutely everyone can make his\her valuable contribution to make these kids’ dream a reality through a charitable donation.

The employees of “The Happy Child Foundation" will be glad to answer all your questions.



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