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Nutrition that can save life

November 26, 2010, 17:00 4075 Author: Serge Ovcharenko www.deti.zp.ua Sometimes we say it healthy to children to have porridge in the morning. For some children in Kalinovka orphanage it’s the only way to survive

Some children like porridge some don’t. But for some orphans in Kalinovka orphanage the question is a bit different. For them it’s the only way to survive. The thing is that these children have serious disease connected with exhaustion of the body. A child might eat a ton of food and still be hungry. And some kids died exactly because of hunger and exhaustion. For many years lack of money was the only excuse of kid’s death.

Charity fund Happy Child tries to help this particular orphanage in different ways. And we were the fist one who starts buying special nutrition for those kids who have this illness. This special nutrition gives all necessary vitamins and elements to a kid that suffers.

So we think it’s not a question whether these kids need this or not. And as this nutrition is so unique it’s not very cheap. So we ask your help us to buy one or two boxes of this nutrition. One box cost is about 10 dollars but it can help one child to feel safe at least couple weeks.

Please help these kids – it’s not that difficult. Remember that even a small donation can do a big difference to the kids like these.

If you wish to donate, please contact our employees who can help you in this.

This is one of the orphans that need special food

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