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Nikita Petrov - Kidney Tumor

May 10, 2011, 13:00 4072 Author: Inna Grigoryeva www.deti.zp.ua Nikita has already completed his treatment and his blood tests are good. Let's hope that the boy will get well soon!

Nikita`s birthday: 01/12/2007

Diagnosis: Wilms`tumor on his left kidney

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"There has come a time when we cannot deal with it ourselves", Nikita`s grandmother says asking for help for her 4-year-old grandson whose kidney has been stolen by this difficult disease, that has him chained to his hospital bed and IV.

Within half a year the whole family has done their best to save Nikita: medical examinations, a surgery done in Kiev to remove his damaged kidney and some sessions of chemotherapy. Then they had to leave Kiev due to lack of funds to come back to Zaporozhye where Nikita had his next sessions of chemotherapy in the Hematology Department of the Zaporozhye Region Clinical Childrens Hospital.

The difficult chemotherapy he has to take not only kills cancer cells but also damages the mucous membrane of his stomach, his heart, and the only good kidney. But chemotherapy is needed because it prevents the cancer from metastasizing and spreading. And now, when his good kidney is overstressed Nikita needs other drugs to lower the negative impact on his small body.

The family has exhausted all available means to purchase medicines for Nikita. But with the help of the people who care Nikita could soon live a normal life of a 4-year-old kid again. To purchase necessary drugs and to do the next computer tomography we need financial support from you!

Cell phone number of Nikita`s mother Anna: +38-067-76-18-708

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