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Ruslan Muratov – brain tumor

June 30, 2011, 7:00 7421 Author: Tatyana Podgornaya, Victoria Mochalova, translated by Elena Guda www.deti.zp.ua Ruslan has successfully undergone his surgery! We're grateful the "Make a present of Life" Russian charity fund and all the kind donors!

Ruslan, born 26.06.2004

Diagnosis: Vermis cerebelli tumor (anaplastic ependymoma)

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Look in the eyes of this child! This year Ruslan has gone to the first grade of school. One instantly can imagine a picture of a walking boy, holding a bunch of flowers for his first teacher; how seriously and intently he writes the first letters in his life; how he thoughtfully follows the lines in his ABC with his finger while reading. All this is so touching and unique…

But all these childish and touching things end abruptly and momentarily when a disaster comes. Headaches, constant vomiting, losses of consciousness… and an awful diagnosis that follows: Brain tumor. “How shall we live further?” - Ruslan’s mom wants to know. “Where shall we find money for the expensive treatment?”- Ruslan’s father racks his brains. “Where is a way out and does it exist at all?”

The boy was already operated and the tumor was extracted from his brain. But unfortunately, it was not possible to get rid of it completely due to its complicated location. At present the boy’s father has gone to the Burdenko Scientific Research institute for the specification of the diagnosis and prescription of treatment. It is already known that the boy will need one more operation in the Moscow clinic because the tumor has again started to grow. Later he will need a long course of chemotherapy.

Treatment of brain tumor is very expensive. But it’s WORTH IT! The Russian fund called “Make a present of Life” will pay for the operation and partially for the further treatment. The money is needed for the train tickets and for the food during treatment in the Russian capital. Let’s do what we can for Ruslan’s family!

Ruslan’s family lives in Dnieprorudne, the Zaporozhye region.

The phone number of Yulia, Ruslan’s mother: +38 (098) 650 12 01

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