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“I Want to Be…” Project: TV. On the other side of the screen

December 11, 2011, 23:00 4152 Author: Julia Akhtman, translated by Veronika Sheyko www.deti.zp.ua Television Broadcasting Company “Zaporozhye” discloses the secret of TV producing for the senior pupils of the orphanage #7

Television is on the one hand the most accessible source of different information for everybody, and on the other - one of the most powerful tools of manipulation. There are people, who adore TV, and also such people who complain about it and consider as a source of almost all troubles. But, almost everybody has TV at home, and, anyhow, television has taken a significant place in our life.

A lot of us, confusing in vanity of everyday life, coming back home after work spend their time in the evening not only for communication with his\her lovely family, but also for viewing favourite TV channel. It`s so interesting for us, as for people, to know what`s happening in the world… And TV, broadcasting news, entertaining telecasts and films, in turn, helps to distract from the ordinary of our life. Whatever may you turn, TV brings invigorating drink of novelty and even any, sometimes vital, variety in our monotonous life.

Because of permanent shortage of time, we agree with pleasure to study an external world through the blue screen of the TV. And just with it, watching a pleasant program, we have a rest, travel virtually, are enriched with the information, and as well as children, we rejoice or are upset, exciting our mind with impressions created by someone for us.

Who stands up for this window in a reality? Who and how creates for us images and impressions? How news and programs turn out such as we perceive, sitting in slippers in front of the screen?

All telecasts which we see, have been already shoot, mounted and prepared by workers of a TV channel for giving in ether. Frequently forgetting that it is an end-product of labor-consuming and scrupulous work of a big staff of a TV channel. How the television works, and what secrets it conceals, the chief director of the regional broadcasting company "Zaporozhye" Svetlana Petrovna Kochkaryova agreed not only to tell, but also to show.

Within the framework of the project «I want to be …», on November, 18th, 2011 for the ten pupils of the boarding school #7 and their attendants were opened the doors of the regional Broadcasting Company – one of the oldest broadcasting companies not only in our city, but also in Ukraine. It broadcasts line radio, TV and FM-radio channels.

The children will keep in mind for a long time the meeting with Svetlana Petrovna. The chief director led the group along the corridors of the oldest broadcasting companies and showed a real backstage of the television. Children found themselves in the hardware-studio block intended for television programs formatting; in two studio pavilions equipped with beautiful scenery, expensive video equipment and powerful light engineering. Besides that young tourists visited six equipment rooms of video-tape editing. Children were also invited in cutting rooms where directors and film editors - real professionals, create TV programs from the material shooting by operators.

A comic experiment – the performance of ninth-form pupils – Karyaga Natalia (as an actress) and Gvingilia Margarita (as a television anchorwoman):

There were special rooms for storage of the scenery, the elements of which we saw a lot of times on TV: armchairs, tables, and even New Year trees, shown to children.

A special impression on the young visitors was made by the museum of TV channel history. Coming into the room where unique equipment for videorecording and a photo, and other attributes still those, Soviet period are kept, children seemed to be transferred 50 years ago - at the time of the dawn of Zaporozhye television.

Time which was spent on the broadcasting company with Svetlana Petrovna will remain in memories of the senior pupils. Without any doubts, this event has turned representation about TV producing, has given an understanding of what the TV is and who creates it for us. Ether is made by great professionals who are devoted to their work. Probably, in some years, somebody from the young tourists from the boarding school #7 will appear on the other side of the screen and will tell us, who are tired of everyday life, something new.

«The Happy child» foundation expresses thanks to the general director of the Broadcasting company "Zaporozhye" - Kuzenko Vladimir Vasilevich, to the chief director of the Broadcasting Company "Zaporozhye" Kochkaryova Svetlana Petrovna and to the employee of Broadcasting Company "Zaporozhye", and also a reliable assistant of «The Happy child», Yana Sasina.

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