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Photo report: latest pictures of little Cossacks in Bukovel

December 21, 2011, 18:30 5140 Author: Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Elena Guda blog.klubok.org.ua Several photographs from the Zaporozhye little Cossacks’ trip to Bukovel

Little Cossacks feel a bit unusual in helmets and the local “uniforms”, but come what may!

Soon a video about the first two days of the children’s stay in Bukovel will be completed. But in the expectation of the extreme skiing video, already now you are able to see photographs from the #1 winter resort of Ukraine.

29 children form boarding schools and large families of the Zaporozhye region managed to go to the place. Some of them are little kids; some are brave teenagers. All of them without any exception are in high competitive spirits. Maybe not everyone is inclined to listen to the teachers and skiing instructors, but one can’t argue the bruises got on the hills. At this moment all the children are safe and sound and they are very glad of both the snow and the Carpathian Mountains. And of course! Who of them could even dream about a trip to Bukovel?

We were housed in the charitable center “Children’s settlement of Saint Antony” which is located in a picturesque river curve close to Yablunitsya village

Dasha for example made friends with a shaggy village native (we definitely need to ask her his name...)

Meanwhile restless Foma made a ridiculous snow monster!

The first day at Bukovel started from waiting for the instructors during which the children mastered the chair lift...

Certainly grown-ups accompanied children when skiing. Volunteer Nikolay and another Dasha in the chairlift

Anton, the leader of the group, with Foma, the author of the snowman with green hair...

Chairlift “award”: a magnificent view of the best Ukrainian ski resort!

As soon as the little Cossacks got their instructors everyone went for choosing skis...

There was a lot to choose from as Zhanna ensured us!

With skis, ski-poles and helmets we were able to enter “the first class” of the Bukovel skiing school...

Bukovel has a very nice run for beginners. You won’t be able to find a better place if you want to learn to ski or to teach this your child. First day’s lessons were not wasted, so the following day the children from Zaporozhye felt like real skiers!

They even used to fall like real skiers when trying to overcome more complicated runs

In the evenings the children exchanged their impressions, played a “crocodile” and quickly fell asleep. Their tiredness told on them. The adults used to get tired, too, but now they ensure us we will soon see in the video how well the children have learned to ski within the two days...

Meanwhile the fairy Bukovel is falling asleep, too – the place where the children were invited by the resort administration. We express them our immense gratitude for this!

Children’s dreams must come true! If you are able to support the program of rest and recreation activities for “Happy Child” foundation children you can learn how to do this visiting the link.

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