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Photo Report: Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks conquer Lviv

January 17, 2012, 13:30 5153 Author: Vladimir Krasnogolovy, translated by Valentina Likhodid blog.klubok.org.ua On the way from fabulous Bukovel to native land Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks ran by the narrow streets of the ancient city of Lviv

On the way from fabulous Bukovel to native land Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks ran by the narrow streets of the ancient city of Lviv.

I always thought that Lviv impresses in its older age look, when you try to unveil the history behind shabby plaster and feel the peculiar atmosphere of the century that has gone in the aroma of coffee…

So, it was amazing to see the children who were spellbound by the beauty of the ancient city. The little Cossacks were sure to feel everything without this pathos with plaster and aroma of coffee;) – they just liked the city, its air, the opportunity to touch Nikifor Drovnyak’s nose and to run along real stone roads.

There are several photos from the trip:

St. Olga and Elizabeth Cathedral is situated not far from railway station and therefore it is the first place of interest in Lviv that impresses visitors

Anya Mironova from boarding school in Chernigovka is walking along the Gorodotskaya street like real Lviv lady…

Sassy angels on one of the buildings of the XIX century still at the same Gorodotskaya…

Masha Ambrosimova from the village of Balabino and Dasha Tryapitsyna from Zaporozhya with Nicolay Litaviy – the volunteer of the fund “Happy child”

Gorodotskaya street is the longest highway of Lviv in its perspective

Pasha Lotsman from the village of Novopoltavka has never travelled that far. Pasha is a tacit and shy boy but I hope he is going to tell his brothers and sisters about his impressions of Lviv with great pleasure

December sky of Lviv …

Candies – cocks and dragons

Prospect Svobody (Freedom Square) – the main street in Lviv.

December sky reflection in stones of the Prospect Svobody (December sky reflection in the Prospect’s stone road)

Andrey Tokman’ – the football player from the village of Ukrainka is a very cheerful and reliable guy! He chose the photo background by himself. Let’s believe in Ukrainian football team together with Andrey!

Central Lviv’s Christmas tree is in the process of decorating

Nastya Popchuk from Mikhailovka – a wonderful, kind and creative girl, so she is near Lviv Opera House in the photo !

And a little more of theatre elements…

Tolik Yakovlev – the star of Chernigov boarding school, there is an article in American magazine about him. Nevertheless he is very shy. Tolik promised to write about Lviv and he has already written a poem about Bukovel. As soon as he does it – the poem will be posted here

Vecheva Square, maybe the most famous place in Lviv where you can buy souvenirs. It was not so easy to leave this place…

Thanks God, Anton Bondarenko – the team leader and an experienced traveler – was with us, he easily orientated and explained the children how to read the city map and where to go

The yard on the Armyanskaya Street

Sergey Kudlay from Zaporizhzhya – a guy who makes you to believe that romantics will never disappear on our planet. We thank him for his company and his perfect sense of humor! Near the entrance of Armenian Cathedral

Mysterious painting on the Cathedral walls with metaphysical elements was done by the artist Jan Rosen at the beginning of XX century. Trembling sneaks from these images. Do you see ghosts in the picture?

Vlad Boyko from Zaporizhzhya was so impressed by the ancient city and its monuments that even decided to enter the Faculty of Journalism in Lviv university

The children are impressed by Armenian Cathedral in Lviv. There are Julya Shumeyko from Zaporizhzhya and Diana Perederiy from the village of Belozerka on the the foreground

Already familiar to us is Tolik Yakovlev. What are the creative feelings that the poet’s soul experiences in the darkness of this extraordinary place?

And one more Jan Rosen’s painting element on the wall. It makes you feel tingles down the spine, isn’t it?

Valya Tarasova from the boarding school in Chernigovka at the table with Jan Zeg, one of the founders of “Gyasova lyampa” – Lviv cafe

Masha Ambrosimova could not resist the pleasure to sit in such a company

Ignatiy Lukashevich, the other founder of “Gyasova Lyampa”, was jealous watching from the second floor

The yards near Dominican Cathedral

The only monument dedicated to the smile in the whole world! It is situated near the old horse stables of the Dominican Cathedral, now it is the gallery of modern art and racy art-cafe “Dzyga

Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks are charging with good mood from the smile. Although it is still not clear who had better mood at that moment

Lviv central streets

The children entering the Dominican Cathedral

Dominican Cathedral has existed since the XIV century, but the building - probably one of the most significant architectural wonders of the city, was built in the second half of the XVIII century and it is impossible to depict its beauty and scale on the picture. Better come to Lviv and you will see it by yourself. If that – our Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks will consult you on the excursion program

There is the kindest monument of the city – sculpture of the artist-primitivist Nicephor Drovnyak near the Cathedral. Once he was considered crazy, and now all galleries of the world dream about having his works. According to the new Lviv legend – the bronze Nicephor performs one request per day and if you touch him by his nose and the finger while uttering your secret words – perhaps he will choose exactly your name. I’m sure that day Nicephor decided to perform the dream of someone from Zaporizhzhyan children

This girl with candy is not one of us and probably that’s why she is so sad…

The most exciting place in Lviv – the city hall tower

Thanks to our friend from Lviv and the fund’s volunteer Orest Forko the children were permitted to get close to the Lviv sky for free

Another volunteer Lena Lizogubovais showing bright distances to the little Cossacks. By the way about half of the photos were taken by Lena

Stunning view from the tower. A large dome slightly to the left - is a dome of the Dominican church which we have already spoken about

Fund volunteers Nicolay Litaviy and Anton Bondarenko with the girls from a large family in the village of Mikhaylovka - Popchuk Raya, Nastya, Lisa and Anna. The photo is taken for a local newspaper

The Zaporizhzhyan little Cossacks conquered Lviv and Lviv conquered them. We have a wonderful country and wonderful people live here. I want children to know it too, not to stop travelling, meeting, be open and friendly to each other. Those are the people the future has to belong to.

Thanks to your support program for excursions and trips with children from the fund “Happy child” even those kids, who have never dreamed about the trip to the Carpathians and Lviv, spent here a few days full of events and experiences. Experiences are that we can take with us from childhood and keep for all our life, all the best happens in the childhood. We are able to do these experiences brighter and to show children the world. The information how to help the program of active rest with children can be found here.

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