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Zaporizhyan Special Secondary Boarding School for Children with Learning Difficulties #9

February 1, 2012, 15:00 7054 Author: Viola Tarasova, Yana Dereka, translated by Yulia Derbenyova deti.zp.ua Pupils of the boarding school # 9 have some learning difficulties, but they are still able to enjoy their lives...

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Zaporizhyan Special Secondary Boarding School For Children With Learning Difficulties # 9 is situated in the Zavodskoy district in Pavlo-Kichkas (in Zaporizhya).

There are 182 pupils from 7 to 18 years old in this school, who live and study here, 29 of whom are from large families, 16 are from dysfunctional families, and 30 are from low-income families. Most of them go home to their parents every weekend. But there are 13 children that have nowhere to go for the weekend, they stay at boarding school – mostly they are orphans or children who are legally deprived of parental care. 44 more children stay here because they live in the villages of the Zaporizhyan region. Of course these kids lack strong communication skills; they need attention and care.

The pupils of boarding school # 9 have some learning difficulties, but they still manage to enjoy their life.

The children attend a variety of clubs. There are 11 of them, for example crafts, chess playing, drama, puppet shows, basketball, dancing, singing, and others.

The kids and the older pupils like their city very much, and that’s why every year they perform environmental work - cleaning the banks of the Dnieper river. The autumn before last they planted 1000 pine trees on Khortytsya Island. And now the pupils of the school are taking part in an all Ukrainian competition called, "Good things Start with You", and they already have reached the final round.

The local veterans have friendly relations with boarding school, especially with the ensemble "Zavodchanka".

In summer, the kids go home and the orphans go to summer camps to restore their health by the sea.

Active volunteer work is being done in the boarding school; however, there are still needs.

Currently, boarding school # 9 needs:

- Toys (soft, developing, designers, board games, large puzzles)

- Sporting goods (balls, badminton, tennis, fitness equipment);

-Stationery (white paper, pencils);

- Movies, cartoons (developing, teaching)


- A computer class for children.

If you want to help pupils of boarding school # 9, you can send donations to "Happy Child" foundation. At the same time, put a mark in the payment "Free charitable assistance to boarding school # 9."

Please inform the Director of the boarding school and the developer of the site about every donation to the charity account.

The address of boarding school #9: Ukraine, Zaporozhye, Alexandr-Nevsky Street, 87a

The bus stop “Liza Chaykina Street”, any bus to Pavlo-Kichkas.

If you have any questions please call: +38 0612 35 02 63 Anatoly Alexeyev - Director.

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