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In the Beginning There Was Love

February 23, 2012, 13:30 2413 Author: Viktoriya Mochalova, translated by Olga Iuziuk deti.zp.ua We found the parents for this cute girl without even seeing them. We were informed about the tight situation of little Diana and let our colleagues know this. Now Diana lives with her new parents

Only two months passed, but either the parents or grandparents can now hardly imagine their life without Diana. However, it was preceded by a long story.

Diana’s young mother recalls: “As any other girl I dreamed of sincere affection, mutual understanding. I dreamed оf someone special. There was nothing else that I needed. And once Kolya appeared in my life - we fall in love with each other. We had neither money nor job. Later on our life returned to normal. We were not married by then, but we had already thought of adopting an orphan“.

However, they didn’t come back to this subject right away after the wedding. It was the period of adaptation to each other and to their marriage. Finally they started to gather all the necessary papers.

By the time they learned about Diana all the documents had been ready. It was only necessary for them to attend some courses for foster parents. They were going to adopt a little boy, but it turned out so that there was only a girl. It was also hard for them to start attending the courses, since the group had already been formed. Anyway, Katya believes that it was useful experience. She got interesting and important information and met new friends there.

Katya remembers her first meeting with Diana very well. The future mother was extremely worried about it. She had some romantic expectations.

Nothing of that kind happened to her. There was only one thought in her head at that moment: “Where were the ringlets? They described us the girl with curly hair, and this one was almost bald. Certainly, it was absolutely unimportant; moreover, we didn’t want to search for somebody else and realized that she was destined to be our daughter”.

And what about Diana? The girl was taken from her native mother in a deplorable state. Diana could not still hold her head at the age of one. The doctors diagnosed her with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. Katya and Kolya didn’t change their mind and agreed to adopt this girl with special needs. Now the diagnosis is taken off, as it’s clear that the child was simply neglected. Now Diana is coming back to normal life and developing. Her parents believe that their love and care helps the child not less, than professionalism of doctors. They also believe that any child has the right to have his or her own family, even if his/her health is not very robust. Diana has been living in her new family for almost 2 months. Her parents are already thinking of giving the warmth of their hearts to some more orphans. Katya and Kolya advise everyone who is going to adopt a child not to be afraid of this.

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