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Finding Alix...An Awesome Child!

April 24, 2012, 11:00 6294 Author: Jane George textgeorge.blogspot.co.uk Since the end of 2011 this building has been Alix's home, a 'Happy Home', the vision of 'The Happy Child Foundation' and this is where I got to spend some time with him

Since the end of 2011 this building has been Alix's home, a 'Happy Home', the vision of 'The Happy Child Foundation' and this is where I got to spend some time with him.

Alix's picture from Reece's Rainbow was in my bag. The little boy in the crib dressed in red. I knew he was here somewhere, I was desperate to find him and update his picture.

And then all of a sudden there he was in front of me! The real little boy no longer a picture! I was going to have to hang onto my woolly Russian hat because this real little boy was about to blow my mind!

Missing four limbs, abandoned to an Eastern European institution in a remote region, but awesome beyond anything you could imagine! He made me gasp out loud....seriously...I exclaimed out loud at how amazing he is!

How to tell you about the boy I found? The boy who had grown so much since his last picture.

A boy with a determined spirit. A focus within his eyes that I suspect had been honed over years of fighting his corner. An independence that speaks of a spirit that few children or even adults have...I have a feeling that this child could change the world!

A child who knew his own mind and would try first before any help was sought. He wanted batteries changed in a toy....he tried and I actually thought he was going to manage it! Then he accepted support with his task, I could feel his annoyance that he couldn't manage alone, but he sat and waited, taking help when needed.

He watches intently, you can feel his mind racing, working life out, wondering how he could become more independent.

He came over and sat down by me a number of times, mostly when he needed support with something. He was not fazed by the stranger in the room at all. He was fascinated with a toy microphone, wanting to play with the buttons. He sought me out, not to help with his play but to protect him from his peers who were enjoying taking the toy from him.

I became his protection for a while, watching his play along with his frustration at others. He certainly can voice his displeasure, he is no shrinking violet, but just as fast as his anger flared he would settle back down again when things were sorted.

I felt for him, he is in a very tough environment, I feel he has grown up here, fighting for himself. I wanted to scoop him up to give him a break from his battle. I wanted to scoop him up to allow him to relax, play calmly and to stop watching his back for a moment.

Alex is loved and supported here, the caregivers obviously do a great job, but he is missing the gentle input of a family, a mother's hugs and cuddles, a place to feel safe.

I would love to see a family allow this amazing, incredible and wonderful boy a chance to soften and become all he can be....without having to fight for it!

Later we all sat in the kitchen together to share a bag of sweets, chocolate and biscuits I had brought for the children. They were so excited.

Their wonderful caregiver (paid for by the Happy Child Foundation) who loves these kids, had brought them fruit tea, it was obviously a real treat! Boiling hot fruit tea in a glass mug....it was steaming hot, I cringed as it got passed to Alix...for real....you're giving it to him to deal with independently!

He edged the boiling hot liquid towards himself and then he drank it...by himself!! My woolly hat flew from the building, he blew my mind, really I do not think this child ever thinks he can't do things, you can see him working out 'how to' all the time!

His mobility is one way in which he has worked out his life...he is so mobile!!! He can move so fast and accurately...a combination of flipping and rolling, its amazing. It does not surprise me he coped so well and fearlessly on a new motorised wheelchair either!

I wonder where the mummy is who can inject love and gentleness into this incredible child's life? I wonder where the person is who will commit to becoming his warrior and who will help to raise his adoption fund at Reece's Rainbow? This fund, vital to allow a family to afford the huge cost of international adoption currently stands at only $65, visit here to see his profile or to donate into his fund. Share Alix's face, re post his picture, blog and face book about him. Let's find his family!

Alternatively, support the Happy Child Foundation in their work for Alix and the other children at this institution. You could make a donation through Eleanore's Kids, their partner organisation in the USA. Donations can be made through PAY PAL and you can specify at the point of donation that you are donating for the boys happy home at Bobby's institution.

Support Alix on Reece's Rainbow, consider supporting the Happy Child Foundation who are loving him right now! Let's help Alix to shine!

Here is an article on 'The Happy Child Foundation website with other thoughts about Alix within it! It would seem I am not the only person to think Alix is amazing!

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