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Lilya Golopyataya: Good News – One, Veronika Bondarenko: Good News – Two, Arina Lukashova: Good News – Three, as Well as Many Other Children!

September 10, 2012, 10:30 3589 Author: Inna Grygorieva, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua At the end of August our good friends and regular donors helped three girls with severe diseases

At the end of August our good friends and regular donors helped three girls with severe diseases:

Veronika Bondarenko received expensive medications (UAH 4,120, or 505 US dollars) named Cerebrocurin to cure her disease. We would like to thank Vladimir from Kiyv for helping the girl!

Veronika Bondarenko

Lilya Golopyataya got support as well: several of our regular donors made donations for the benefit of this child, so we were able to raise the required amount of UAH 14,500 (or 1,178 US dollars) to purchase an oxygen concentrator and a pulseoxymeter, which are currently vital for survival of the girl! We send our thanks to Sergey, Vladimir and other donors, whose names we do not know!

Lilya Golopyataya with her mother

We also received the sum required for the treatment of Arina Lukashova (UAH 4,000, or 490 US dollars). Now her family can make strategic reserves of medications for the next month and feel at least a bit confident about the future!

Arina Lukashova

Besides, our support helps to survive (literally) and get treatment for Mark Bekh and Elena Morgun. The income of both families is not enough even to buy all the necessary medications, so your donations for them are really precious! Thanks to your help, both Elena and Mark were able to purchase everything they needed for current treatment schemes in August. And we kindly ask you to keep on helping them in future!

Mark Bekh

Elena Morgun

Also we want to pass the words of thanks from the parents of Sasha Sleptsov and Volodya Besklepniy! For their families it is also very difficult to survive in the current conditions – long-term and expensive treatment is to be continued, and only your regular support enables them to buy the required medications, and, what is even more important – to hope that tomorrow there will be a new day!

Sasha Sleptsov

Volodya Besklepniy

And we would like to thank you all the residents of the Zaporizhzhia region and other cities and towns for their regular small charity donations to our boxes! They form an important strategic reserve for the Foundation to pay for urgent examinations, medications, and surgeries, when parents just do not have time to raise funds!

So we thank all of our donors and hope to continue our important cooperation in future!

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