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Ekaterina Khimenko, born in 1999 - hybrid acute leukemia

October 24, 2012, 11:00 10025 Author: Vladislav Malahov, translated by Maria Romanko www.deti.zp.ua Since Ekaterina’s blood pressure dropped suddenly, she was taken to the intensive care unit yesterday. Unfortunately Ekaterina passed away last night. Let’s keep her family in our prayers!

Ekaterina Himenko, born on July, 12, 1999

Diagnosis: hybrid acute leukemia, CNS negative, high risk group, ischemic stroke (11.10.12).

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Since Ekaterina’s blood pressure dropped suddenly, she was taken to the intensive care unit yesterday. Unfortunately Ekaterina passed away last night. Let’s keep her family in our prayers!

Before June 2012 Ekaterina Khimenko lived a life of a happy teenager. And then all of a sudden… She got pain in joints and her muscles got weak. In the end of the summer she began to throw up after every food intake. She was took to the Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital at first, and then to the Children’s Hospital #5 as she was suspected of having a biliary colic. After having taken antibiotics treatment she could eat little by little and was sent home.

However her muscle and joint pain didn’t go away. As a doctor, Ekaterina’s mom knew there should have been a reason to such state of weakness, that’s why she turned to an orthopedic unit of the Regional Children’s Hospital. Everything was fine until the vomiting got back and Ekaterina couldn’t eat again. The diagnosis was unclear.

Soon an assumption was made and it was proved true later: on October 8th Ekaterina was diagnosed with hybrid acute leukemia.

One could not spare a minute! The child needed donors’ blood and many people from Dneprospetsstal plant responded to the request. But on October 11th out of the blue an ischemic stroke happened. The doctors were shocked with the new diagnosis of Ekaterina as children rarely ever have this one. And her systolic blood pressure reading got unbelievably high - up to 260!

The girl’s mom doesn’t give up. She works as a surgeon at the Burns unit of the Municipal Hospital of Urgent Medical Help and she saves people every day herself.

At the end of last March we told you that Ekaterina with her mom had gone for examination and treatment to Israel. The trip, alas, fell short of expectations.

The examination confirmed the diagnosis that meant a treatment of 30,000 US dollars. This sum of money turned out to be enormous for Ekaterina’s family, so the girl with her mom had to come back to Zaporizhzhia.

As soon as Ekaterina arrived home, she was rushed to the intensive care unit of the Zaporizhzhia Children’s Regional hospital where she’s been staying for some weeks.

“I turn to all indifferent people and ask for help, says Natalya, Katya’s mom. I know there are many kind and generous people. My daughter means everything to me, she’s my life. Please, help us!”

Dear friends! Don’t stay aside, it is possible for us to help and give the girl a chance for a happy life. We’ve done it for so many times, let’s not leave this child in trouble!

If everyone donates at least 1 dollar for this good cause – it will be enough to begin the treatment!

News report about Katya:

The family lives in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

Cell phone of Natalya, Katya’s mom: +38 067 932 06 43.

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